This is the big hurrah for 2015.We decided to write this as a joint thank you.




Nyambura:To imagine that this whole journey started as a conversation between two ladies in the wicked hours of the night sounds surreal. To be honest ‘TheBar’ started off as an idea that has become this beautiful journey and has revealed so much about who I am as a person , a creative a dreamer and believer. Allow me to thank one Mildred Sakina my partner in creativity. She is the person I bounce off ideas and she smoothes the rough edges, wipes off the  dust and when she is satisfied, and I mean  only until then, will she start investing in the idea. Eight months later since our first meeting she is the editor and a co-founder of TheBar. For the  sleepless nights you have had as a result of this project, thanks mate!



Red:Is 2015 already over?Jeez I can’t believe it.The Bar has made me grow up as a writer.As the editor I never knew how important this role is until Nyambura suggested I do it.I eat,sleep,read think The Bar.This girl keeps me on toes and you dear reader give me the strength to wake up ,research and publish even when I don’t want to.Nyambura thank you for choosing me as your running mate:)

Red and Nyambura:Clarence Isaboke who has since left the fold to explore personal interests came in and helped us with naming this baby for us. In a stroke of genius he suggested the name ‘TheBar’ and after much deliberation we loved it and got to the paper work. He also managed our ‘techy stuff’ for a while. Clarence, thank you man. You will forever be part of this story.

Nyambura:Ted Pot Oyugi, need I say more? He is one of the smartest people I know. In class he had a way of making you feel that you should have probably read more of the paper than just the pull out, watch news beyond the first seven minutes and while at it, grab a book. He knows everything about bloody everything, I bet if he is pushed he would get a map to … I wanted to say heaven but out of fear of being struck by lightning let me say Eden. It is the closest we have to heaven. Oyugi came and took over Hip-hop Thursdays and he has done well. Even I look forward to his witty and playful way with words. Hats off Oyugi may you continue to intimidate me to excellence.

Oyugi 20151230_195916


Red:Ted.I can’t tell you how happy this guy makes me.He is every Editor’s dream.Does his work well  and delivers on time.He is witty and very smart.His jokes are for those who don’t catch feelings.This young man saw a hip hop post I did,inboxed me because he wanted to help and here we are today.I can’t wait to start paying you what you are worth.Ero kamano(thank you in Dholuo).

Nyambura:To you reading this as an ardent reader or a first time visitor, receive a warm hug. Thank you , in the words of Katy Perry, for believing in our weirdness. Thank you for stopping by every single day to read. Even if you read one paragraph and thought we were a bunch of dumbos or you faithfully waited for your email notification and read each and every one of them, more hugs to you.  You are the reason I am up at ungodly hours penning words to best describe music. For those who take time to question our intentions, challenge our opinions, commend us on Facebook to ensure that we make this music industry work, we owe it to you. Gracias.

Screenshot (2)

Screenshot (3)

Red:Every time we look at our views and we see even 2,yes 2 views,it means something.We look at our stats and even have people from  countries like Qatar  and Norway reading. It humbles me.For anyone who shares our articles,thank you.For people who like the photos and not the articles,thank you as well:).STATS 2



Nyambura:Lastly, to the artists who saw their posts on our blog, shared it, commented, called (Mercy Masika you are a gem), disliked and even ignored, ‘niwega muno’ – that is thank you in my mother tongue. We are all on the same team here, to see that the music industry becomes the empire it should be. Do not let the harsh words and my obsession with details fool you, I am in your corner.

Red:Mercy Myra commented on our post.MERCY MYRA!Kato Change posted on his wall and inboxed to say thank you.Naomi Wamboe inboxed to say thank you for the constructive criticism.The one that took the cake was Tetu Shani who said that ‘many write ups have been done on me but few with the human element that you bring’.After that I knew I must have been doing something right.Shout out to Blinky Bill,Sana,Lady B,Kalahi,Prisca Ojwang and anyone else I haven’t mentioned,you are a star!


Screenshot (1)Nyambura:Juiced today you gave us our first print interview and subsequently followed it up with articles thank you for the 15 minutes of fame. For once I am happy the internet does not forget. What’s Good Live TV (WGTV) for our first live interview, how scared was I? Did I laugh too much? I also think my choice of wardrobe made  me a bit chubbier. No? You probably did not notice. Thank you Frank and Shiro.

Screenshot (7)

Red:Juiced Today,WGTV thanks for validating our beliefs in our dream.And yes,Nyambura you did good and no you did not look chubby.:) Watch the interview here.

Special shout out to our social media girl Vikki Kimani.She has been the really awesome person populating our Facebook page (THE BAR) and handling our Twitter @The Bar_254.Thank you.

Let us make more magic in 2016. Have better Mushy Mondays, Saintly Saturdays and the occasional Banging Fridays and Wildcard Wednesdays. Hope you have someone to kiss when the clock strikes midnight. From the writer, who as Sakina puts it, writes the way she talks, my name is Medrine Nyambura Nyawira and I wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2016.

*Pastor’s voice*2016 is going to be your year,Amen!Seriously though,I wish you all the best in 2016.Take risks,learn new things,refuse to stay down.We at The Bar are going to do great things,we shall put African music on everyone’s lips.Just watch this space ,this is only the beginning:)





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