Ivylyn MutuaHer name is actually spelt like that. Happy New Year! I hope one of your resolutions is  to go to church more often and hopefully catch Saintly Saturdays as well. Ivylyn Mutua is a worship leader at Nairobi Chapel.I have not been to the church but the sessions are on YouTube. Many people know her from being part of the trio that does background vocals for various artists on the popular music show ‘Coke Studio’. What you may not know is that Ivylyn is a recording and performing artiste. Today we look at one of her singles ‘Power’. The single is part of her Gospel Reggae upcoming debut album ‘Sound the Alarm’. That is according to her Instagram account.

See ,Reggae is an acquired taste and many who love this genre of music are mad about it. I am not one of them. However, this song caught my attention. It starts with the usual two sticks and then we are well into the Reggae beat. The song ‘Power’ is exactly what the Bible teaches; that God will give us power through the Holy Spirit  and afterwards we will be witnesses to the ends of the earth. This message is extracted from the book of ACTS1:8, ‘But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the world’. (NIV). Are you not glad that this song will give you a memory verse to add to the Sunday school one John 3:16? She leaves out the mention of the towns  understandably so, since it is not relevant to today’s Christian.

The second verse  is her saying that she needs to pen a letter to people who need to know that Jesus has ‘Selecta/Selekta us’ meaning selected us, chosen us. I kid you not Reggae is an art. Ivylyn’s introduction will capture your attention and she moves from her vocals and actually spits to a Reggae bit. She then reverts to her vocals in the chorus and this screams diversity that is so exciting. I did not even know anyone but Redsan could do that. I hear you ask, What about M.O.G (Men of God)? Let us not address that today, what I am trying to say is Ivylyn is a natural. One would easily mistake her nationality to be Jamaican. Why you will like this song is that you can actually hear what she is saying as opposed to many I could mention.

The audio is done by Shamma (feminine given name meaning proud) Sound Systems that is renowned for making gospel riddims. Now see that last word there  is what worries me. Riddims have a somewhat redundant beat. Granted there is nothing original under the sun and that then presents the challenge to each and every artist to achieve authenticity that will ensure that they stand out. This girl has done that by being a good songwriter. Her email is available online for those who may require a songwriter. There is no shame whatsoever in having a ghost writer.

Ivylyn is a beautiful girl who seems very passionate and true to her music. Her skills and talent were well show cased in the recently held concert ‘Safaricom Groove Party’. She performed alongside the award winning artist Kristine Alicia and Omari Edwards another gospel Reggae powerhouse. What this does is ensure that wherever the two renowned artists go they will remember Ivylyn even if not by name by performance. This is how artistes get collaborations.

Ivylyn through Instagram will give information on her music allowing her fans to be up to date with new singles. One can tell that she puts a lot of effort into her social media presence. Unlike artists who give us shoe shots with the #blessed #GodisGood, she deliberately pushes her music to the masses. There is nothing bad with the vain hashtags but in Daddy Owens’s words, ‘yote ni vanity’. Being a worship leader also means that if half the church supports her she is off to good start. Now when the business gets real and one starts travelling and all, the church responsibilities will have to give. I really hope she will know how to handle that. The video to the song is not  yet out but I can assure you it is worth your time so go ahead and get some power, a good way to start the year.



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