Mushy Mondays: ‘No Stress’ by Avril feat AY

Avril Feat AY

Six years later the two are at it again , this time it is bigger and better. AY and Avril have done the song ‘No Stress’ that means exactly that , living without a care in the world. Avril has grown my my! I have been following her career since she first broke through, read every scandal and celebrated every achievement.Among the achievements is this collaboration. It does take a good network to snag one.

This song has a very funky feel to it. It brings to mind the movie ‘Sparkle’ when the blues were blues. The video opens with Avril in a set that has a very old school TV the ones we had when Blue-band was in a metallic tin. Avril who is in an outfit to die for with a lot of blue and eye shadow to match dances around acting all coy which has been her selling point.

Avril changes for each scene and the wardrobe team showed her curves well. Team Mafisi lives for her thighs . Her outfits are mainly African outfits with a splash of sexy.  Now one hurdle, you see Avril is blessed okay and crop tops are the in thing so the team needs to be on stand by to ensure she looks her best , CONSTANTLY!

The video was directed by Hanscana , a Tanzanian based director who was recommended by Diamond’s manager. Good investment. However that thigh shot in the cafe’ scene is unnecessary. AY looks good years later. Do men age?  His dance moves in the video are playful which reveals a side to him that we do not know.  The all girls band goes to show that the days are gone when only men hung the electric guitar on their shoulder and strum it like never before.

The table that is just after the stage where Avril is performing is occupied by revelers who are having wine . Red wine. The drink in the bottle on the table is clear and looks like Absolut Vodka who are among their sponsors. See the challenge there? We are going to assume that the drink was to be served later and they just decided to order it before they were done with the wine.

There is also no chemistry between Avril and the video vixens who are supposed to be ‘her girls’. Did she mingle with them before hand? To borrow a tip from one of the best actors in this country , he usually spends 2-4 hours with his main co-star three weeks before the show so that their chemistry is unquestionable. If you are pressed for time , just do a lunch with Avril and the girls so that they are comfortable around her.

AY  does what a featuring artist should do ; not too little or too much just enough. It does help that they have previously worked together,they look natural. Let us talk about the audio. Avril has a decent voice. It is not one of those voices you watch on  TV shows who channel their emotions from daddy issues singing an Adele ballad. She has a radio voice, you do not mind it. Granted she has grown vocally and the effort has paid off in this video.

AY and Avril are  powerhouses in their own right.  The views on YouTube however are not impressive. The song is barely three months old and the numbers will not sky rocket moving forward. She should follow it up with a powerful single or collaboration with Diamond , she is in talking terms with his manager so it should not be that hard. AY killed his verse with his fluency in Swahili and easy lyrics. While we talk about the audio Cedo/Pacho Records did a spectacular job. The feel good  easy to groove to beat sells this song.

Following up a collaboration is hard , just ask Nelly and Kelly but Avril has done so in this song. It is an okay song to set the pace but she needs to maintain the momentum.

Click here for the video.


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