giladAttention attention we have now found the king of ballads.KIDUM is now about to lose his throne to GILAD.(Isn’t it funny that none of these crooners are from here?Kenyan gentlemen we need to do something about this,yes?)

Anyway the song Rangi ya Bahari is a fairly simple song that talks about that one person you loved and who takes you back to some beautiful place whenever you think of them.It is a very nostalgic song that will have you swaying to the very laid back easy rhythm and transport you to the beautiful Kenyan coast.

The drums are beaten softly and blend beautifully with the acoustic guitar then comes in what sounds like a xylophone.Gilad’s unmistakable voice is so soothing that you just want to listen to him tell his story.I love how smooth it is and then when you least expect it a husky note shows up.Got my heart skipping a beat right there.

Second verse is Gachago’s and now that was a pleasant suprise.I had no idea there were notes that were in his vocal range.When the two guys harmonize it is like magic.Now these are the type of collaborations that work,where everyone gets a chance to shine,there is a joint effort from all parties to make the song sound good and each individual’s style is evident but not overpowering.

On the songwriting front I have to say it’s really nothing extraordinary.To put it simply the song talks about how every night and day he remembers his lover,how the stars shine brighter when he remembers his love,he remembers the colour of the sea(Rangi ya Bahari) when he thinks about them,and he thinks of them even  in his prayers.The trick is that the two men sing the same verse in their own style.

The video is tres belle.Simple  but tantalizing.Your eyes will have a feast drinking in the colours and if you close your eyes you can almost feel that breeze on your skin.The plot is simple, Gilad and Gachago are two fishermen recounting the tale of their loves.There are images of the girl intercut with the two and let me say the slow reveal is always a sure winner.The last shot is of her face and even I am mesmerized.Guess what,you don’t have to show a lot of skin to capture attention.

If you are looking for a song to just reminisce to this is the song for you.The zouk feel to it makes for easy listening and it is a ballad that will have your better half loving you even more when you tell them you remember Rangi ya Bahari whenever you think of them.




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