Wildcard Wednesdays: Trends we hope to see in 2016

tattuuHowdy all. Are you having a hard time waking up to go to work? So am I. I feel like I am working in slow motion, so here is what I have decided to do:turn up with the Kansoul and any Grandpa Records song for twenty minutes every morning and thus far it is working. Now let us talk about this New Year. 2016 will be a big year for the music industry because the pace was set last year. Expect collaboration with megastars from other countries, underdogs will give big players a run for their money and much more. Here is what we expect to see as well;

Girl Groups: We have not had a powerful girl group since the Tattuu girls. They were the Spice Girls of our generation. The young audience between the ages of 10-17 years in Kenya need an artist they can relate to. Of course there is the group KIU but we need something for the kids to jam to.A good example is Meghan Trainor, Katy Perry and even Miley Cyrus. Together they feed the good girls, Party girls and the nutsies. The lack of such artists in Kenya could be attributed to the education system that does not necessarily appreciate talent at a young age and it is until one is done with their O-levels that they are allowed to pursue their passion. Parents could also help by tapping into their children’s talent as early as possible and provide the resources required to grow that talent outside school curriculum.

Comebacks: Where is Mr.Lenny? He promised us an album. Mercy Myra also made her way back into the music scene and we need more artists to ditch hibernation and hit the studio. As you plan a comeback be strategic and be ready to invest money. These days there are social media bigwigs who are paid to ‘make noise’ on social media, videos cost a lot more now and do not be surprised if the director of the video will be the age of your younger sibling. Times have changed.

Love songs: I handle Mushy Mondays and it is so hard to get a good love song. Do not complain if I cover another song by Avril because I am not given much to work with. Sauti Sol are  also dominating the field. Someone form a boy band like BoyzIIMen or One Direction, Liquideep, MiCasa, anything people. Let us talk about love. Real love that hopeless romantics like us can listen to on a Sunday afternoon while sobbing over our love lives and eating more sugar than we should.

Let us have some church in here: If I hear one more gospel artist do a song about how they have been blessed with money and cars, then shoot a video at Villa Rosa Kempinski with a Bentley in the background accompanied by #blessed I will flip. Literally! We want gospel music that encourages your spirit and not jealousy. Music that leads you to God’s presence and by the time you are done you feel God is seated beside you. Worship music that will make us cry. Enough with the unnecessary pomp and colour in music videos. Directors, no shots of the shoes or earrings and make up we are not making ads for a boutique now are we?

New Players in Hip-hop: When you talk about hip-hop in this country you are bound to come up with the names: Khaligraph, Octopizzo, Wangechi, Xtatic, Juliani and may be slot in Kaka Sungura. Where are the emcees who will give these people a run for their money? I am rooting for female emcees, I promise to push Ted our hip-hop guru to review your song. For those like Poppa Don who are taking risks, keep at it!

Buy Kenyan Music: To you readers who want to hear Kenyan music please shy away from tubidy.com and mp3juices to get your music. Instead go to mdundo.com, waabeh.com, skizatunes.com and get local music at roughly KES.40 per song. An album will cost between KES.100 and KES.500 depending on the distributor . That is the same cost as two beers, your weekly airtime, your weave, I do not even know what to equate it to so that you are convinced. Pay for the music so that you do not have to give an artist a side eye because they are seated in the matatu with you.

Last word: We hope you will continue to read our blog, share the posts and most of all we welcome your comments on various issues. The common goal here is to ensure that this industry achieves its potential.





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