WEED SONGHow many creation stories have you heard since you started school? Which one do you believe? Well, sit down boys and girls; I have another version to share. Once upon a time Adam and Eve were taking a walk in the garden on a hot afternoon, free and all. Eve noticed a strange looking flower and turned to Adam, “Is this the flower God told us not to touch?” Adam took hold of her waist and bent over CSI style, without the shades of course and whispered, “Well, I guess we’ll have to ask………….a higher power.”

So I was doing my weekly music canvassing and boom! I stumble upon a song released a month ago that I knew completely nothing of. Well that’s probably because I don’t search for drugs online but Weed song is an interesting song in its own right. It’s not a track I would typically download but the intro just had me listening and it was humorous.

The track is done by Moroko Kalahari and Gadi Moja. I know nothing of the artists but the duo certainly must have had fun recording this track. Moroko, introduces the track with their own version of the Adam and Eve bust by God. I couldn’t stop laughing because they actually presented their “facts” in such a way that I was almost convinced that the forbidden fruit was actually a puff of the dab.

The hook was done very well. The melody is just what a weed song needs. Trust I’ve done weed songs before and I know the Science around it. The second verse by Gadi was more of a justification for you to use weed. His flow is really calm and if he was medicated recording this track he needs to do more tracks before this track is buried under the rubble of underground tracks.

The chemistry between the two is very efficient because Moroko has the “Kalamashaka” energy and Gadi has the composure of Kitu Sewer. The last verse is where they lost me, with the lyrics though. Moroko mentions something about the world wars being in the 60s and 80s. I thought weed makes you smarter? Hmmm, food for thought (pass me the weed). Technically, the production is not top notch but it was well done.

I’ve always been a fan of unconventional hip hop tracks. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Tupacs of the world but also listen to the Trinidad James’ as well. This track is similar to what Walanguzi and Wakimbizi used to do back in the day (Don’t ask me which day, I was also told it was back in the day). Given the right producers and exposed to the right managers and promoters, these two may just go on to make a “John Nampenda John” in 2015 or “Crazy”.  Have a listen and get a smile on your face in 2016, it’s going to be a long month.

They make it, I rate it.

Ted Pot


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