If you still have money to go out on Friday night hats off to you.Majority of of us are waiting for our bank accounts to tell us a different story at the end of the month or even sooner. Fear not though ,you can have your own party from the comfort of your own house.Today we feature All Day a song that will get you bobbing your head as you sip on your drink.This track features a whole army of individuals who bring in their own flavour to the song.

The song starts off with a dope intro from Zonda who kills it with his distinct voice.Chief Mufasa jumps in on the chorus with just the right amount of energy to get you on your feet.

Timmy Tim comes in with youthful bravado talking about how he plans to make it big with music,telling his mama that he is not going to school but instead will make it big and pop champagne to celebrate his success.

We have another singer Kelvin K who basically flaunts his likes on the ladies front and asks us to stay in our lane.Finally we have Khaligraph Jones who out of the whole crew has actually earned his stripes to brag on his verse.

My favourite part of this song is the chorus and I can’t wait to jump on that bit.

The video looks really good done by Brainworks who are giving other videographers a run for their money with how their picture looks and especially how they use their lighting.Everyone in the video looks really psyched to be in it and that is always a plus.There is a cameo from Fena which adds credibility to the group.

Atwal who is the producer of this track has done really well and you can see him in the video not singing or rapping but present.He has a bright future ahead of him.This song definitely will appeal to teens and maybe those who are below the age of 21.Perhaps moving forward the overall theme of the song could be decided on because it felt very all over the place.

Anyway, keep it fresh ALL DAY.

Here is the video.


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