Allow me to congratulate Joyce Omondi on her recent nuptials. That was a good choice. To matters music, ‘Nifiche’ means hide me and in this case hide me in your embrace. The song says that without God one cannot achieve anything. She asks that God hide her so that she can bear many fruits and live a fruitful life. Rigga echoes the same showing that there is no ‘farmer’ like God who tends carefully to his own. Half the song is in English so one can easily wade through the song. Rigga has moments where he brings in some Ragga vibe that breaks away from the worship feel of the song. It sounds like Joyce also did the background vocals as well which complements her ad libs as she goes along. The chorus is done repeatedly to emphasize on the need to ask God to be with you  each step of the way. Now that is a good message that anyone can relate to.

Joyce Omondi  is one of the sweetest people that you will ever meet. This comes off in the audio ,she feels cuddly and vulnerable like you would hug her which brings out the best emotion in the song. That is how God is with us, he wants us to surrender all to Him and that’s when  we will see His hand. When I was little I had a phase in my life where I suffered nightmares that would refuse to go away. When my grandmother got wind of this she told me to pray every night and ask God to hide me under his wings and then I would stop falling from that damn tree every night.

The video was directed by one Ken Heman. The location looks like a home or office with a well taken care of garden. In the beginning there is a montage where the light changes between black and white and colour which looks very artistic and it catches Joyce Omondi dancing. There is also a smoke  machine in the background and initially it looks good but then it gets really smoky and you get a perfect definition of a smoke screen. That is too much smoke and it is a miracle that the singers can see anything beyond their noses let alone sing.

Then there is the issue of the light in the background. There is a light set up called flare where you set up one strobe (let us call it big light) in the background. The idea is to achieve a flare for effect. Here the flare is blinding literally. One can see what the director was going for but then there is too much happening on this smoke screen.

Then the pans! A pan is a camera movement that moves left to right to show continuity of an action. Ken must have just discovered them because they are literally everywhere, you can almost feel your eyes swaying. Now that is called noise that will make you click on the  next video only to find a Royco Ad staring at you.

There are however very impressive close up shots of faces that makes us feel like they are talking to us.That is until  we move to a blue room okay a room where one wall is white and the other is blue. In the scene Joyce is in a blue maxi and Rigga in a blue shirt, then suddenly it feels like Avatar only that now it is royal blue. Which brings me to wardrobe team. The make-up awesome, the clothes weird there is so much of everything. There is a crew member called a production designer who helps with colour co-ordination. Lastly there are shadows in the scenes where the two are leaning against a wall. It looks like the shadow of a branch of a tree. All these distractions are too loud and will take away the message.

Your Thoughts?


Click here to watch the video.



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