Mushy Mondays: ‘Talia’ by Lulu Kibaara



I feel like a complete moron for not listening to this song sooner. The notification came through the minute it was out but for some reason I did not click on the message. ‘Talia’ is a song by Lulu Kibaara , we know her as Eunice from Tusker Project Fame Season 5. It is one of the best pieces you will listen to this year. Remember the song ‘Nerea‘ by Sauti sol where the story line is  of a young man begging a girl not to abort his  baby but instead keep it promising to take responsibility of the child? Our hearts melted and I sometimes think that that song may have saved a foetus from being aborted.

Imagine a scenario where the lady keeps the baby and gives birth to a beautiful baby girl with big eyes that have a sparkle in them. Don’t they all. See her wearing a pink headband as their hair looks like it has had a fair amount of Hair Glo biting her little fingers that looked like they are stuck together with some sort of invisible super glue. See that happy face that women aaaww at. Now picture that child hungry, neglected, crying out loud, threatening the little hearing ability beats by Dre have left in your ears. She cries for her father to come home. Her mother is overwhelmed as she tries to fend for her. The same man who asked that she keeps her baby has abandoned her for bottle. He is drinking with some not so good company and it has torn the family apart and she  questions why he promised to be there for her if it was all for nothing. Haven’t we heard this story day in day out? That is the message behind Talia.

You know the way you hear that an artist has set out to reply to a song  and you prepare for a catastrophe? This was a huge success! Lulu has shown what single mothers go through after dead beat fathers abandon their responsibilities for pleasure. At some point she urges him to go ahead and sleep around with other women as he has the money to woo them. This is is an angry song that Lulu brought out so well. Her vocal ability is so impressive and she will earn your respect. During her time at TPF5 we did not get to know her as an artist and this will show you what she is all about.

Another reason why she stands out is that she took on a huge song. Usually when people reply to a song the hope is that it garners almost the same attention as the main song. Unfortunately this did not happen first because this song has no video yet. Secondly I do not know whether  the song was well publicized given that I saw it on whatsapp. I asked random people that I met over a period of one week before writing this and over half of them do not know her so the work is on her management.

Something else that stands out is the beginning of the song.It  brings to mind the song ‘Greatest love of All’ by Whitney Houston who she looks up to. Her intro is powerful and she sings most of the song at very high notes which will have you listening to wait and see whether she makes it to the end of the song and she does not disappoint. Lulu who was a background vocalist to  Kaz Lucas has shown growth, maturity and taken a major risk with  this song that paid off. Will we get a video that will bring out the same emotion this song brings? Time will tell.

Your Thoughts?


Click below to listen to the song.


4 thoughts on “Mushy Mondays: ‘Talia’ by Lulu Kibaara

  1. I just hope another musician will come up with another reply that shows that the man actually did keep his promise. It’s unfortunate that the assumption is that all men who impregnate a woman he is not married to end up being deadbeat. That is not always the case.


    • I totally agree, Dennis some men might not marry the girl but they will take care of the child till their death beds. Yes it needs a positive reply. Thanks Dennis that was very insightful.


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