Yes I know.Sauti Sol are everywhere.However you need to understand my dilemma,I am looking everywhere for music in this genre and trust me it is really hard.All the people I thought would have this kind of music have either labelled it alternative or have no recorded versions of the music or simply are not easy to find.So if you know people who have not been featured on Afro Tuesdays  and should be please let me know.

Moving on swiftly,how many Kenyan artists do you know whose songs have featured as soundtracks for movies?How many of you know of Ayub Ogada’s Koth Biro?Look for that song.It has been featured in many note worthy movies that you have probably watched.Of course Shuga 1 and Shuga 2 featured Kenyan artistes such as Redsan and Habida and we could say we are not doing so badly on that front,our music has potential to go far, very far.

On that note keep your eyes peeled for another movie from Jinna Mutune called Chep.She is the one behind the movie Leo a film about a boy who wanted to be a superhero.Come to think of it Sauti Sol did the soundtrack for that as well.They are at it again with this film Chep, a story set in the 70s about a girl who wants to be an athlete.Back in the day this was not the norm so I bet this will be fun to watch.

Hebu Njoo is a love song that in my opinion is a very  strong bold declaration of a man who says’Hebu Njoo*2 hebu uje nikupende'(Come let me love you).Basically this boy is asking this girl to surrender everything to him,because he will make sure to take care of her.He has looked everywhere for a girl with her qualities and has found them in only her.He asks the girl to bid her mother and father goodbye ,because he is coming to claim her as his queen.

Fena offers her reply and basically says no thanks I don’t need your material support but I would like very much to be with you.Very small part in the song but she does make a statement that is memorable enough,reminding us that among her vast talents she can really sing.

The song writing is good with the use of Swahili sanifu in the lyrics.I mean I even have to go back to the Kamusi to look up some of those words.I love the thought behind the song showering this damsel with praise while stating why she should be with him.(How a relationship should be,I believe).As a band you can tell that everyone’s strength has been utilized.Bien and Chimano do really well on their verses though I must say in the English verse I could not catch all of Chimano’s words.Mudigi’s voice is the perfect bridge to reel it all in and sing along at a comfortable range.Fena really held that note at the end and I was so happy that she did not falter giving it a strong finish.

The arrangement had a Lingala feel to it that will get you dancing instantly and I really think Polycarp’s guitar was the magic that gave this track that special edge.Jaaz is one producer to watch as he mixed and mastered the track to perfection.

Now the video is nothing fancy but still very engaging.Jinna directed it and it has a very artsy feel to it.Sneak a peek at the microphones and Polycarp’s ‘guitar’ and you will see what I mean.The girl who is the subject of Bien’s interest is not your usual video vixen.There is just something about her that I love…

Whoever said white girls can’t dance needs to watch this video.Sema moves!That girl katikad better than some traditional dancers that I have seen.The male dancers did really well and it was choreographed by Kenya Dance Academy.Now that is what we call dance.

I think more people need to hear this song in anticipation for the movie which premieres in May.Make sure that when it starts showing you tell everyone you know about it and go and watch it.Buy Kenya,build Kenya.

Yours truly,




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