don poppa

I have a keen sense of music. Not refined, just keen. I listen to anything from conscious hip hop music to trap music and back to T.A Arne. Yes, I’m that versatile so when Sakina sent me this track and I typed it in on YouTube, I was ready to go in. As a battle rapper would say, I goes in. It’s on Vevo and the guy has his own Vevo channel on Youtube. Do you know how important that is? That’s like having avocado in the dining hall or being served the last respectable piece of chicken at a party. (The neck and feet aren’t respectable)

I put on my cheap headphones and I was ready to go in. Grow that wealth has that trap bass heavy beat. Prior to today, I had never heard of Poppa Don and I still have no reason as to why I never searched for him. The track is lyrical heavy. If it was a terrorist its name would be Mistari Bar Laden. I don’t know why artists need to cop American accents to rap because guys like Sarkodie kill it in their dialect. That’s not up for discussion here though.

Poppa, digs deep into his lyrical bag for this one. He switches between Swahili and English and brings in a style that people have tried but haven’t been able to consistently maintain at a top level. He’s very lyrical and the hook gives you that G vibe though I would like to hear a melodic twist to it.

The video tried to pull one of those Instagram filters and it worked to some point but for the better parts of the video, it was a hindrance to what was going to be a massacre. I did a bit of video production and even made a Harlem Shake video, so I know a thing or two about editing videos. I would have loved to see more .

The title of the song can be direct or metaphoric but either way the video didn’t get me to the point of thinking,’ this ninja is about that life.’ If we’ve learnt anything from great videos, it’s that it has to touch your inner soul. And that’s what this video lacked for me. I could feel the lyrics, the passion in the track but all I saw was an OK video from a dope artist.

The production was good though. I think I previously stated I own cheap headphones but even from these babies, I could clearly hear the distinct sounds on the track. Kenyan hip hop is slowly crawling out of its death bed but it’ll be some time before we have a hip hop artist running the airwaves like Kantai, K-south and K-shaka did in the not so distant past.

Would I listen to Poppa’s tracks if I came across them? Most definitely. This guy is talented and no Kenyan artist is yet to utilize YouTube’s full potential. With the right amount of media buying and quality of videos, this guy may just be the gem the Kenyan hip hop scene is missing.

They make it, I rate it.



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