I was never the cool kid.I found out that my own company was more exciting than trying to impress a bunch of nameless faceless people.However the Kansoul are officially the cool kids.They remind me of boys who were all cool in their own right then they found each other and became a million times cooler.

The boys have done it again with another club banger ‘Mabega'(Shoulders).If you remember the song ‘Lean Back’ then this song gives you that kind of vibe.Madtraxx jumps in with an intro of his crew ,commending Kid Kora on the sick beat and segues smoothly for Mejja to come in.

You have to agree that Mejja ana mistari.He is witty smart and funny at the same time.’Sitaki ukatike ujipate umevunjika guu.'(Don’t dance until you break your leg)…’Usilete pombe na crate leta na ndoo'(Don’t bring a crate of beer bring a bucketful).I mean tell me you don’t want to dance and high five him at the same time.

Kid Kora sneaks in like a ninja with his killer husky voice .He is clearly the lady’s man and also the one with a mouth on him.Check this ‘Yes I am slender but my pockets are thick so all you haters get off my ****’ Fill in the blanks,hehe!

The Macmillan Library is looking like a rather popular video shoot location…and this video shows us why.Good job with the lighting.I love the crowd that is in this video with a cameo from Ndegz (whose dreads look really good by the way) and I have to recognize one girl here who really does well with those mabega.I love people who are invested in being in a video and going all out to make it look fun for us at home.

One question though what is that Mejja carrying on his shoulder?It’s not a radio.It was a bit distracting to see.Bottom line though this is a really good one from the boys and they have tons more party anthems you should definitely check out.

Here is Mabega.

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