Every time I see Mr. Vee in a song I get all kinds of excited, not in that kind of way, it is Saintly Saturdays. Mr. Vee has a special kind of depth that lures you in. He is the brains behind Mercy Masika’s Mwema that has finally hit the 1 million mark views. Mr. Vee is an amazing songwriter and this is his time to shine and he better not waste it. He teamed up with Men of God (M.O.G) for the jam Subira which means patience The song talks about everyday struggles of an educated man who cannot seem to get a job after years in school. The second scenario is that of a woman who wants to get married and she cannot seem to get a mate.

These are problems that cut across the border for everyone. As it is now there are 40% of the youth in Kenya that are unemployed and we are more worried about Netflix’s content. Priorities much? Marriage, this is a sensitive one. In the African culture there comes a time when a woman is expected to get married and have children. When a woman then cannot see a suitor in the horizon, there is a problem. This brings to mind the event by Chris Ojigbani that had women throng KICC to pray for husbands. That is how serious the matter is.

Mr. Vee and Kenty also talk about how man will run out of patience and reach out for solutions that tend to pay off faster. The solutions included turning to witchcraft and drugs both which could lead to doing time in prison and bring about suicidal thoughts. The truth of the matter is, corruption exists because people have resigned to the fact that getting what one wants in life will require shortcuts, manipulation backstabbing and even sometimes murder. Very few people are patient anymore, everyone wants something now and if they cannot have it then no one else will and even if they do they might not live to enjoy it. This kind of man eat man attitude will be the death of us and only we will suffer the consequences of it all. But there is a way out and that is the message in the song. Those who wait upon the Lord will surely reap the fruits.

The video which has a vintage theme is well executed from the wardrobe to the choreography. The location was outside the Macmillan Library that is located in the Nairobi’s CBD. This is one of the oldest building that communicated the theme even before they start the song. The wig, old school checked pants and suspenders are a joy to watch, for once someone got the suspenders right. There was also a guest appearance by some member of H_art the Band, rightfully so, the song leaned more to their genre. Now before all fanatics raise hell over the secular artists being in a gospel video, remember God is not a reserve for the holy ones because indeed no one is holy.

That sorted, quick question. M.O.G was originally a trio and in the song there is only one of them. I assumed that may be the two were the BGVs but I would have recognized Boss’ bass. There was talk that they had split up to pursue personal careers, I have used that on someone before. If this is the case then by all means use your name and do not hang on to the shadow of what used to be. We will be too distracted wondering where the rest of the crew is instead of focusing on the song. Things happen and sometimes the vision you had as a group shifts and when it does people jump ship. Mr. Vee is good for Kenty and this is a good way to reintroduce yourself to the market again. You have the talent now let us work on the strategy and in your words, uwe na subira (Be patient) and everything else will fall into place.

Be well,



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