prisca oj

When you cannot instantly tell the nationality of an artist in a song it is a good thing because it puts them on a whole other level. Then if the song is from an adopted genre and is well executed you are hooked. I have watched enough movies based on the black culture and there is always a girl who can sing backed by BGVs doing an amazing job. They mostly sing the blues, jazz and swing and their bodies move sensually. Their hair is usually big and shining showing the sheen that was generously sprayed on it. Their dresses are usually little shimmering things exposing their well-toned thighs. The club usually has men smoking cigars accompanied by women in mink and they too smoke cigarettes. This is the mood that Prisca brings into the song Elusive Baby. 

Elusive means difficult to catch or achieve. In the song Prisca talks of how she is looking for her baby who seems to keep getting away. She likens him to a parking spot in town that is hard to find. How true is that? I know of people who park their cars in Upper hill, walk to town for a meeting them pick a bus back  to their car. That is such an uphill task. She asks if what they had is over vowing to fight for him. Remember that thing we talk about? How female vocalists are suddenly bold enough to tell stories where the female is seeking out someone they love. Girl power! Though that could backfire and forever dent your self-esteem.


For the first few seconds it will feel like a young Alicia Keys. This is a bit challenging given the new afro movement. Thing is in as much as we are going all Kenyan there is a market that still yearns for something more western hence why this song has its place. It is simple and complicated at the same time. She also has a way with words and thankfully has attached lyrics that will see to it that you enjoy the song. This is good songwriting and good use of repetition. Her sound is very soothing. This is the kind of a song that you would listen to if you were chilling at home in the tub with a glass of wine blowing foam from your hands after a break up. If you do not have a bathtub you can have a tub of ice cream and dance in small shorts to this song. The variations in the beat of the song makes it very playful. This song can also be used as a theme song for a chick flick.


Prisca Ojwang has taken a risk with this song taking on a genre that is not popular. She is among the artists who do alternative music that is according to my editor. The views on the song are not necessarily blowing the roof off the place but the comments are. Having understood this, she has a Facebook page that she has explained what she is all about and given a background on herself. Think of it as a mini Wikipedia. I hope you are taking notes. You who ‘catches’ feelings when we do not know who you are at an event. When you introduce yourself and we proceed to give a sheepish smile trying to remember which class we might have shared. Then you blab out a random title to a song before asking ‘Have you heard that song’. In embarrassment the sheepish smile turns to an uncomfortable grin. I have no idea who you are and not having your bio online is not helping the situation.


She has also done charity work. If this sounds foreign you are just weird. See many artists say that they are waiting to rake in millions so that they can give back to the society then it never happens. If you want to be trusted with millions you will need to account for the hundreds first. You have no reason to have talent if you do not use it for good. She has taught music to children and one thing that I learned through a short stint as a teacher is that the students actually teach you. The song has no video yet but it looks promising.

Click below to listen to the song.

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