Love is a tricky thing.It makes you do things, say things you never thought you would. Love can make you break the rules with reckless abandon, love can drive you crazy.That’s what this song is about.Let me just say out of all the H_ART the Band songs this is my all time favourite.This for me is who they really are as the band.

This song tells a beautiful yet sad story.It talks about a young man so in love with his girl but there is a problem, he starts to wonder whether this girl will stay considering he does not have much.He wonders whether when she leaves the house  she will forget him the moment she meets someone better. Instead of them going out he finds a way to make them stay home so that no one sees his beautiful girl and lures her away from him.

He speaks of how he has given the Mama Mboga his phone number to watch over his girl and call in case anything is amiss.I won’t lie this song pissed me off because that is a whole other level of being a control freak but if you listen to the feeling behind the song,this guy is scared stiff…and fear makes us do strange silly things.Hence why he is ‘love phobic’.

The songwriting is on a whole other level.Beautiful, deep, enchanting, thought provoking.The poetry that has been incorporated into this piece fits in perfectly.Everyone’s strength shines through and I am pleased to  hear Kenchez(the guitar player’s) bass in this mellow style.Mordecai’s voice stands out so beautifully without dwarfing the rest.Wachira really is a bonafide poet and I could really feel the emotion in his piece.

The chorus brings out the harmony of the three beautifully and the song is one that you will definitely want to listen to if you want your soul soothed.

Now if you know anything about the band you know that their eclectic hippy style is their trademark.They are not afraid of colour,patterns and jewellery and this video reflects that.The location they chose is very interesting however its a bit much to get used to.You see the boys are already walking pieces of art throw in more colour and more Arts and Crafts and now it becomes overkill.

There seem to be two couples in this video a young one and an old one.The young ones seem to be having hiccups while the older one is having fun. Which just goes to show that getting older does have its perks.Again the colours on the characters themselves are also distracting.Someone needs to help the boys stand out without being too overpowering.

Aquarius Gold (nice name) was the director. I guess they did an alright job but maybe the focus should have been on the younger couple alone.There were too many people in this story.The Band, the young couple , the old couple, too many. I love the shot where there is a silhouette of the couple and the light gives off a golden hue.It looks magical.The last shot with the band singing at the fire place was actually under utilized. Perhaps the band could have told their story from there then let the couple do their thing  in the house?Just a suggestion.

I love the song  and can listen to it on repeat a hundred times. If you are out there acting a right fool then maybe this song will help you speak your heart and help you mend your relationship.Usiogope mapenzi(don’t fear love),it is a beautiful thing.





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