I shall start by saying I am very objective in my reviews. I only state facts and no opinions. Who am I cheating? Every review and article anyone writes and has no access to its data is an opinion and they are all influenced by one thing or another. So if you know me, you know I’m not a big MDQ fan and no, she has not paid me to do this. That is an objective fact.

So I have seen Khuli Chana before, but I’ve never known he has such a weird name. I’d like to know what it means. It probably means something like, he who chews lyrics or he who combs through lyrics. Any South African out there to help me out?  This track is very unique. One, it reminds me of Simba being presented at Pride Rock by Rafiki and two, I think MDQ looks very kinky (opinion).

One thing you cannot discredit MDQ for is her level of creativity. Her sound is very distinct and you can tell it’s just come from a B&W concert. This sound has a Kanye West feel to it. The same way Yeezy samples beats and owns them to the point of making you forget the original.  She sampled the intro from a version of a blues track called Baby Please Don’t Go by Rose Mitchell.

Her flow is equally unique. The way she transitions from English to Swahili and back without stuttering would make even Khaligraph proud.  I like how she uses metaphors and flips them into her rhymes. Her singing! Wow! I know studio mics do a whole lot of polishing on sound and can make Future sound like R Kelly but the girl can rap and sing at the same time. That’s like eating your cake, having it and canning it at the same damn time.

I don’t know what Khuli was ranting about at the beginning of his verse and I was not amused because for all I know he may have been calling me out. He then starts rapping in English and I calm down. He has a unique flow and adds that Southern flava that the likes of Cassper Nyovest (That’s his name and for some reason they chose vest and not shirt) and AKA have been flooding our airwaves with.

The video is very simple and uses a minimum number of props so I’m not confused between paying attention to booty shaking vixens or the lyrics. The intro to the track is one I won’t be forgetting soon because it starts off very mellow and MDQ just jumps in and rips the beat into tiny little pieces.

I’ll focus on MDQ because as much as I may not be a fan of hers, she churns out quality after quality after quality . She did a number on this one and I can assure myself that I’ll be belting out this tune every time a lady wants to walk out of my place. Ok, I can’t promise that but I’ll try to do it. The track should be on replay.

They make it, I rate it.



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