Saintly Saturdays: ‘Tegemeo’ Kambua & Bonfils


Welcome back Kambua thought we lost you there for a minute.Bonfils is a new face in the industry all we can wonder is where he has been. He has a very mature and alluring voice. The thing about artists who break out in their prime , they are well aware of their strengths and limitations. They already know what  they want to do with their craft and they will attract a wider audience. A collaboration with Kambua was such a smart idea because they complement each other in this song. They both introduce each other in the song which is tiring.

The intro sounds like a playful jingle which is very warm revealing Kambua’s personality. Bonfils introduces his verse with a prayer that though he may be destitute today, a time is coming when God will settle him. That his help comes from God who is unchanging. He says that his strength , protection and provision is all from God. He then introduces Kambua’s verse and her songwriting prowess is undeniable. She is grateful to God for his provision and guidance. She expresses her confidence in God before going well in to the chorus.

Audio was done by one Sam Lokua , Spotlight Media. The sound has a very chilled church vibe to it. It is the kind of song you play during tithes and offering session in a  P.C.E.A church without looking sinister. The beat is redundant and only gets interesting at the end of the song after a climax that is not engaging. Lokua played safe with this one. Okay you know the way artists are going ham with live bands taking risks with the violin and all, you cannot afford to have a wishy washy beat. It will not put you at the top of charts , pole.

Eric Omba the video director is a smart fellow.He lets Bonfils play the role of a struggling artist on the street and Kambua  helps kick start his career. See what I mean?  Bonfils plays his guitar on the road side with his guitar case open and passers by tip him a few coins. This can play out perfectly in a busy street where there are masses of people passing, now here it looks shady and that extra who plays the passer by is not helping the matter. Oh well Nairobi is not the cheapest place to shoot a video.

They inter-cut with shots of the duo singing in a mall which plays very well for diversity. Omba ends with Kambua and Bonfils leaving together and she is going to help him launch his career. Told you it was clever. There are ariel shots in between that show that money was not spared in the making of this video. While that is impressive, the two shots are not building on the story. There is usually a temptation to include all your nice shots to feed our egos, I get it , it’s an artist thing. Desist from this temptation at all costs. Even the shots of the shoes, cut them out. The colour looks amazing though. Their wardrobe gels with the set to give a warm feel to the song.

While the song is well done , slight zit that needs pricking. Gospel is  a profitable endeavor both spiritually and financially. A friend at church once told me that when women get born again they tend to become more attractive. Do the research and share the results. In this day and age it will take a lot of convincing before you win us over. Therefore in a song that should introduce you into the industry, do not talk about money. Do something different because it is very easy to get boxed in the same category as those who have failed the gospel industry.

Click below to meet Bonfils



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