Mushy Mondays: Are you Gonna love me? by Joy Gitau

Joy Gitau

Kevin Provoke of Provoke music is pushing boundaries in the music industry. Many may know him as Wangechi’s producer. He has worked with Joy Gitau on the track Are you Gonna love me? This song depicts a very common situation. When you yearn to love someone but you are not sure whether they will guard your heart or not. You then decide to give it a shot because for some reason it feels right and you would not have it any other way. If this is a familiar script then you are  a passionate creature who loves hard and would give anything for someone you love. That my friends is the mood set in this song.

Joy’s voice is sensual and vulnerable.The producer obviously knows her voice and pushed her between keys that makes this a love song but at the same time a get freaky song. The video will get you excited, get your mind out of the gutter , musically excited, but by all means do not hold back. The video is simply done and the lighting also sets the mood. Through out the video you will notice her lips , hair , eyes (she has one of those with bedroom eyes) and then full body shots of her. She is wearing all black, the lighting is dim so it will freak you out for a minute.

The trophy goes to the Director of Photography and the whole lighting crew. The picture is absolutely beautiful. They highlight her best features and I like how they played around with silhouette lighting. While the video is playing you will see the subtitles displayed on the screen in different languages. This is different and different is exciting. The Chinese will have a chance to sing two sentences of the song. So will the Spanish and the French. If you are not conversant with either of the languages then not to worry the audio is in English

Make up and wardrobe was decent. Given the theme of the video it is not crazy to hope for black lipstick and darker eye shadow. Think of Rihanna’s song What Now, the make-up showed darkness  that clearly shows how she felt while doing the song. Joy had gestures and facial expressions perfectly but make-up needed to be a bit darker. She also had a shiny forehead through out the shoot. When using a spot to light a scene it is important that the subject’s face is well powdered because it is a distraction.

Lastly , when shooting videos one can lip sync to the music in the background. Here when the director goes in for a close-up , we can see that she is not in sync with the music for some parts of the song, mark you the close up is of her lips. The work that goes in to production is crazy and there is a temptation to let some of these things slide but then it will haunt you for as long as that video is made available to the audience.

This song is proof that Provoke is a legendary producer and he knows what to do with artists. However more needs to be done in terms of publicity. I had to explain to so many people who Joy Gitau is as I told them of this review. That is something she can recover from. For now we cannot wait to see her create more music. Let me let you into a little secret, this song can help you get a date for Valentines while you still have time.

Stay Safe,


Click Below to watch the video.


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