Hello everyone.How you doing(Wendy William voice).So I was racking my brain again over what song to review and the songs I was listening to were not getting my creative juices flowing until I recalled a song by Trina ‘Pale Pale’.From what I understand she now goes by the name Meka Mungai .The producer behind this feel good song is Jaaz Odongo(yes I know, him again).

So let me tell you a little story about how I met Meka.We were doing a musical, my very first and of course there was actual singing. Now ladies and gentlemen I can sing like not just shower singing.However ,I found out to my horror that I was a Soprano…Soprano 1.I say horror because we were like 2 or 3 in that group so you would know who went off key. There was a song where I had a solo and I would sing so badly guys would literally be holding their breat when I got to the high bits.This girl was younger than everyone else in the cast but she really held her own.Having done music since her days in Rusinga, in church, and concerts she had enough experience to  help us  girls with the singing and I thought ‘wow this girl is going places.’You might know her as one of the finalists for Trace Music Stars and one of the BGVs for Coke Studio Season 2 and 3.

For a first single this was an interesting choice.House music can be very tricky and very few artists on this side of the Sahara attempt it but she nailed it.The song starts with a really catchy beat that gets you to your feet before the fade in of the voices.Meka’s voice is very soothing which blends perfectly with this danceable but laid back beat.When I close my eyes and listen to this song I see myself sipping a pina colada lounging next to the pool.Throw in ten or so of my favourite people and the party is lit!

Anyway, back to the song,it basically talks about this girl who is feeling some typa way about this guy.You know how it is ,you are wondering whether that smile you saw was for you or the person behind you.You brush by each other and there is that little spark.If you like games you string each other along until one of you blinks and says hi.My kind of thing.

About the songwriting the verses sound rather loaded,like this is the kind of song I want to bob my head to and sing along to without trying to remember all those words.If you listen to house the lyrics are  usually very simple and laid back.I love the chorus and those BGVs ni akina nani?They sound so good.Meka does have an ear for music and if she arranged that chorus that way then kudos,there is just the right amount of melody and harmonies and of course her moment to shine.

In terms of production value ,this is a very good way to start.The song is so catchy you just find yourself singing ‘Pale Pale'(Over there).As a producer Jaaz keeps outdoing himself and I like that though this is probably a common house beat he and the artiste mixed it up to create a unique sound.

There is no video yet but there is some really cool cover art.I would really like to see a video to this and the possibilities are endless.(Hit me up if you want ideas *wink wink*).I hate the way the song ends so suddenly.I was so ready to keep dancing but good job Miss Meka.Here is the song,what say you?



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