January is over. I know for many of you February is a chance to REALLY start the year,January was a hoax,a trial run.

So I thought I would switch it up today and give you a list of my ultimate top Banging Fridays playlist as Red.Yes ,I love to get down so here goes.

1.‘Take it Low’ by Calvo Mistari ,Opirps and Jardel

I heard this song and was shocked and hella proud that it was Kenyan.Kwanza those beats.Big shout out to Red Republik you did justice and Calvo Mistari,daamn!



2.Drum – Kansoul

I loved this song the moment it dropped.I just don’t know why I don’t hear it as much on radio. Mejja your verses always make me smile and Kora,wacha tu 🙂


3.Weka Weka -P -unit

I love that drum that is the constant beat in the background .Of course these boys know about having a good time lakini Gabu big-ups to you!



4.Addicted – Naomi Wamboe

You know what girls, you can play this as you are getting ready to get turnt at the club.Play it in your room,jump around shake those braids or weaves and perform infront of your mirror.


5.Show -Victoria Kimani

The Barbie doll look alike knows how to get you in that Friday mood and I actually really like this song.Check out her dancers Voguing.YAAASSS!


6.Ruka -Phy ft King Kaka,Khaligraph

Let me tell you this track makes me excited. If I was  acting in a club scene you better slow -mo me dancing to this song.


7.Madtraxx -Get Down

Don’t you just love songs with instructions?At least all of you are doing the same thing.I always get down to this.



8.Ninanoki- Nameless ft Amani

I heard this song on Classic 105 and nearly started dancing in the Rasasi(s/0 to Langata peeps.)


9.Boomba Train- E-sir ft Nameless

Good times.Memories of class parties where we were all too self conscious incase we dance badly.This song still gets me hyped to this day.


10.You Guy- P-Unit ft Collo

Walala!Sema memories.I think I recall myself breaking a sweat to this song in a sleepover once .We named ourselves the Fantastic Four because we were four and were fantastic!

What Kenyan songs are in your club playlist?Let me know.

Yours truly,




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