Saintly Saturdays: Jina la Yesu by Frank


Once in a while someone in the industry will give us a serious worship song that really blesses your heart. Those  have come in handy in January when things get really tough. I do not know about you but I have had some really tough times and the only thing that rescues you from the pitfall is a good worship song. Worship is the sole purpose why we were put on this earth. Frank did the song Jina La Yesu late last year and if you need a song to get into the moment, this is it.

The song writing is so simple as it should be. The whole song is to praise the name of God. It shows respect, to God’s name. He acknowledges that God’s name has reverence in heaven and earth.  He then says that through this name there is salvation. The devil is shaken by the mention of Jesus Christ. That has always for some reason interested me. That the devil who we all imagine is red in colour , has two horns, has  weird laughter and creepy eyes will cave at the mention on the name Jesus Christ. If that is the case then he literally has no power , right?

The audio to this song is nothing extravagant , computerized but Frank and the BGVs have good voices. There is a piano that sounds live and is well played.  They sound composed even when they hit higher keys. You know, if you listened to this song you would assume that there is a choir wearing matching clothes standing in a green field swaying sideways. That is not the case the video starts with a very cool sepia tone that paves the way for more black and white tones as seen in the video.

The wardrobe here is very simple as opposed to very flashy clothes that have you do a fashion review as opposed to a music one. The colours blended in with nature. The location is in what looks like a forest and here is the thing with forests if you get it right it’s perfect if you don’t then shady it is. The director did not have much to work with but one cannot help but feel like there was room for more. Now , this smoking machine idea is very tricky. Why does it get so smoky that  Frank vanishes? It’s a tricky art to learn,  if you are not sure , leave it. The emotion is amazing and brings out the best in the song.

The editor however killed it and made the video better. The transitions are very cool before the weird montage sets in. There were a variety of shots that brought diversity but the director leaves us hungry. Worship team we want this song in the playlist. If you do not go to church , download it and listen to it any time.

Your Thoughts?



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