Mushy Mondays : ‘Aki wewe’ by Kwame



Kwame might be one of the few romantic artists that we have in the country. He is actually very fascinating. He shares in one of the interviews that Kenyan women are the best women to love, that is a first usually we are labelled as gold- digging drama queens. Not all women are like that but socialites are not making it easier for the good girls. His song is very mushy and it woos any girl. He is one of those men that God gave some serious punch lines.I really hope he can give the good game he sells in this song. By good game I mean he is a good guy.

In the song he describes how he met this girl and he promised that they would end up together. How he was going to sing her love songs, watch the stars and how they would live in the here and now. The chorus is her blowing wet kisses. How do I know that ? Seriously just listen keenly you’ll feel the saliva fighting for its place. This is such a fresh break from the norm which tells of who he is an artist. Later he celebrates the girl for standing with him through thick and thin till now when they have everything. That is the full plot. The rest is just wet kisses swimming through the air.

This story is very shaky and what will keep you listening is the hook of the song. It seems like he got too excited by the chorus and did not build up on the verses. Love songs are stories, fantansies that carry you to another level that will have the song on replay. Song writing is so important , at this point I feel like having this as a banner at the top of the blog, till we get it right. A song should be fleshy like a double beef burger with fresh lettuce and the right amount of cheese and crunchy onions. You take one bite and you are reborn. This song does not do that.

The video is a very simple set-up.He is seated on a  high stool with a mic and a guitar. Then we are taken  through a well executed montage of having moments with his girl. Good job, Danny Skech very clever. We are then taken to a high end bar and you can see the previous set up in the background. They then have a session where they dance together  before an intimate dinner set up. Now there is one shot where we see him twice in the same shot, now that is some good editing. There are these two girls who it is not clear what their role in the video is. They have a couple of scenes then they sit on the couch with Kwame and at this point they look like groupies.

You know the way an artist gives off a certain vibe. This guy has very cheesy facial expressions and (this is an opinion that is open to debate) it feels like he is trying too hard. Women love and will love Kwame for a long time to come if their reaction during the interview is anything to go by. For now ,watch the video below.

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