tetu shani

Well what do you get when you mix a pretty good acoustic sound with some unexpected trap beats? I will tell you what you get, Tetu’s experimental Jacaranda Tree.It is the 3rd single off his album Mood Music.Let me be honest,I was not sure what to expect,actually I thought I would hear an instrumental but then boom!In comes Tetu with that mellow voice that is just what the doctor ordered.

Now the story in this song is some deep stuff.I can see this couple together,I close my eyes and see them sitting on an old wooden bench with green peeling paint.They are surrounded by a carpet of  Jacaranda flowers.The flowers fall in slow motion around them and they are happy.

However trouble starts brewing in Paradise.Here Tetu tells the story of how his focus shifted from his love to work and that he never noticed until it was too late and’ her eyes they glistened, they glisten like star light,if only I had listened,listened to the voice that said you just might go.’

Now when you first listen to this song you do not expect it to end that way.I mean I can literally slow jam very comfortably to this.I guess that’s why the song is oscillates between happiness and sadness and regret.That is what a song should be able to do walk you through a journey,make you see yourself through someone else.

Tetu’s music is really easy listening and simple and deep all at once.He has done it again.I guess if you are looking for a classy song to cry along to as you drown your sorrow to Ice-cream this is it.

P.S:In my first school we used to have a Jacaranda Tree.When it would bloom all of us would run there and wish upon a flower.We believed that if you caught the flower before it hit the ground,your wish would come true.Also reminds me of my BFF at the time.

Thank you for the memories.

Yours truly,




  1. His is a piece that’s not bound to the shore.. Not mainstream stuff.. unique flow… plays around with his voice so comfortablt.. He knows what he wants to say and how he wants it said.. Awesome review Red.


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