We at the Bar have been crying out for girl groups because  one,we want to see more diversity in the industry and two because girls can do anything they set their mind to and sometimes they just need to hear that they are talented enough to roll with the big dogs. I was so glad when I heard that KIU dropped another track,a bit different from their usual sound.The group made up of Tracy Bakhita ,Pauline Ayuko and Rose Nkatha bring to you Shugli.

Shugli is that laid back song that creates a build up to get you into the party mood.The sound is unmistakably Jaaz Odongo’s doing and I love how each track that he produces sounds different from the other. The best thing about these girls is that they can actually sing so  basically these girls gave Jaaz an easy time in the studio.

I love how the girls incorporated some Dholuo into the song.(Tera mos,tera mos,wabiro mos mos,wa abo miel )to basically translate to ( Take me slow,take me slow,we are going to take it  slow and we are gonna dance).The rest of the song is in Swahili and it basically talks about getting your groove on with that special someone.Seeing as to how this is February and the month of love this would be the perfect song to katia someone with.

The video is quite a feast for the eyes and shows the girls in a different light. I can see they got their sexy on for this number.Girls I see you.What sold me is that they had actual dance moves and they clearly practised because it looks really good, I dare say you have danced better than the boys in this one. Girl in white I see you with those cute shorts of yours.There is a cameo from H_ART the band and Mr.Producer Jaaz.I absolutely love the last shot of this video.One thing though,I think since this is a club song there is room for the video to be a bit brighter.I feel like at crucial points where the video should have popped ,it didn’t.

I love this song KIU,I can’t wait for more music from you guys.

Yours truly,



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