Saintly Saturdays: ‘Mtetezi’ by Laura Karwira

laura karwira

It’s a week into February, how time flies. A time like this last year I was in a dark hole labeLled misery. I will tell you the tale in my tell-all book, sigh! To all my friends do not avoid me, I will use pen names. When in my supposed dark hole I remember I had company we were so  many miserable souls, you know what they say about misery loving company. At that time I wondered why the Bible says that Jesus will be our advocate. At that point I felt like Jesus Christ was being a public prosecutor as opposed to my lawyer. How many times have you felt like God is working for everyone else but you? Well Laura Karwiwa (this must be how a Bri-ish would pronounce that name) through her song Mtetezi she confesses of how God is our Mtetezi (Lawyer).

Listening to the audio first would easily fool you to thinking that this was a mature woman who was doing the song. When you watch the video then you cannot tell how old this girl is. Zumba , Yoga and the million of diets make girls look good forever. The video was based on her getting into an accident and then it all flashes back to see how the accident would have been avoided, cool stuff right? I thought so too. In the video whose first scene was shot in Nairobi’s CBD was so well colour co-ordinated. The background has a lot of brown which is complemented by her different tone of brown.

The accident scene was not believable. That crowd looked like they were all her friends. Where was the drunk who  could narrate the details the events chronologically? Or the one who was taking photos to post on social media with the #lifeisunfair? The shocked onlooker was Akting that one deserves a Tomy Award. When recreating such scenes budget for the drunk , the loonie , socialite and the new lawyer, brings so much fun to the video.

Then we go into the wild. Surely videos have come a long way. This scene looks like an Ad that Brand Kenya would use to market the country as a tourist destination. She was wearing white at a set-up table. Then she is off literally dancing in the sunset. Now I appreciate the aesthetic nature of the video, but we are left asking, where is the story? What do these two scenes do for this story? It is very easy to pick a location and shoot a music video but what story are we telling?

Third scene, eye make-up was literally scary. It was too much compared to the neutral colours that we had in the first scene. May be even the make-up was fine and it is the lights that made the difference. She looks like her eyes only have the pupil without the sclera. Someone in the crew ought to have noticed that. Close-up of the lips is so unnecessary to be honest and a distraction. One more thing about the video , the beginning will remind you of B.o.b’s Don’t let me fall, a borrowed technique very well executed.

Lamentations 3:58-59

58 You, Lord, took up my case; you redeemed my life.
59 LORD, you have seen the wrong done to me. Uphold my cause! (NIV)
Read the rest of the chapter you will get the message. But as this song has your back. Even in the madness and darkness best believe that your Jesus Christ has your back. Have a good month. 🙂
Your Thoughts?
Click below to watch the song.

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