Mushy Mondays:Sweet Love by Akothee feat Diamond


Who knows Akothee personally? I would like to interview her. She is really cool. I love her demeanor. She is the kind of a person  you would want in your corner when you are in trouble. I watched her interview after watching the video, she is your kind of girl. She came together with Diamond for the song Sweet Love.  Diamond’s verse was not strong which is why he is the featuring artist .We yearned for more.

In the song they both question the naysayers in the society who are quick to judge two people who love each other. In this case, the girl is blind and this man falls in love with this beautiful girl but his parents are not amused. Had me thinking, if you met the person of your dreams, someone very nice, financially stable ( I have never understood what people mean, I think they usually mean financial security, anyway) and then you found out that they are blind, would you still date them? Despite your parents asking you not to or the rest of the world thinking that you are nuts? There is nothing better than a good old love song.

If the two were on a pedestal, Akothee would take the cup. She is a good actor, with awesome thighs ,some serious dance moves and bold colours. Remember what I mentioned about her being very ‘gangsta’ it comes off in the video. The man who played her husband is first of all very handsome and manly (read eye candy). The fact that in the video he treats her well with the world watching is so adorable. The first set up in the video of her being an architect looks good , she is handling her business, literally!  Then we see eye candy in a boardroom with his colleagues who later go to be trained by Akothee, premise to a script right? The fact that her blindness is revealed halfway into the song is creative. However, the kitchen scene looks likes an Ad for a lotion , or cooking oil. Remember the Fresh Fri Ad where this lady was biting into an apple like it was going to get nasty in a jiffy, (why do we do that it was so misleading).

This has been a trend where a video director has the luxury of having a good budget and locations then they go ahead and make a music video that looks like a compilation of Ads. It is too much for the eye. If you think of the song ‘Kedike’ by Chidinma it was a simple love story and we need to tell the love stories without a lot of fuss.

The chemistry between Akothee and Diamond is undeniable. Nothing questionable, but you can tell that they are friends which sells it each and every time. I have previously mentioned that when two artists come together we expect fireworks , that did not happen at all. As at now it has over 600,000 views and the initial buzz from the social media has died down. Akothee should do a killer single that is her own style so that all the people who do not know her yet get to know her. Her feisty nature and drive is such a breath of fresh air.

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Watch the song below



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