I’m not a feminist on any level because I’m a champion for equity, not equality. Who wants to be the same when you can be better? Every time I mention female hip hop artists, many names pop up but one of my favourite artists has to be Lil Kim. Whatever she gave the little people working in my brain only her plastic surgeon knows.

When it comes to the Kenyan hip hop scene, I have a biased affinity towards STL. She’s like Lil Kim only without the excessive add-ons. I like her music and when Sakina told me to cover her this week, I was ecstatic, not the rapper. The track is Go Hard and I’ll keep the pun at that because this whole review may go south or north, depending on your vantage point, if I start discussing malleability.

The remix is everything I expected it to be except the order in which the artists presented themselves. I’d have liked to have STL at the end for obvious reason; good endings and all. The intro is very interesting and the moment it started playing I was about to make my stand on feminism. I’ve never heard of Dora before, forgive my ignorance and I’m yet to know whether this was a fluke or she actually can consistently rep on the mic like she did.

She goes hard and in steps the hook which I’m not sure who covered because from their rapping none of them seems capable of reaching such notes fully clothed.  The rapper of my local dreams steps in and her references probably as a result of her living abroad hit home because of the type of music I listen to. I however have to be honest. This has to be one of her most lukewarm performances on any track. She didn’t have me on the edge and I sort of  predicted all her punches. That’s the curse of being a great MC, people always expect the best from you.

Muthoni, Muthoni, Muthoni. I’d drum anything you present Queen. I was never a fan but she’s slowly turning me into a fan with every track I listen to. Her consistency is beyond consistent. It’s too consistent. She has a very unique flow and her tempo shifts from plateau to highland and deep down in the valley so effortlessly. I’d buy an insurmountable amount of Blankets and Wine just because of her performance level.

Well, we all have to agree that Xtatic is probably one of the hottest female MCs in the land if not the hottest; skill-wise of course. Her flow is exciting. It makes you want to quit your day job, get a tattoo on your chest, call yourself Ted and review music. I have done that and that’s why you’re reading this right now. Xtatic was the standout performer on this track for me and that goes without saying all the other Mcs went in.

These 4 rappers should make more tracks together and pull the surprise the ladies pulled in the remix of Ligi Soo by making all other rappers on the track, except for Madtraxx, who is not a rapper, step aside and watch them. You’ve got to give this track a listen and appreciate what these ladies have to offer.

They make it, I rate it.


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