Victoria Kimani also known to me as the African Barbie has dropped another track hardly a month after dropping her track Tucheze with Ferre Gola.The girl takes a bold step by sampling Angelique Kidjo’s track Wombo Lombo.Quite honestly I am impressed that she was able to sing that tongue twister of a verse. I still can’t sing that song except the chorus.

This is a really cool chill laid back but still danceable tune. I have always loved Victoria’s voice how she can play with it in different ranges that makes for easy listening .The chorus is quite catchy and kind of has a 90s girl group vibe to it. She collaborated with Khuli Chana on this track and he also sampled his verse from Mystikal’s Danger.I honestly cannot say how I feel about his verse parts of it were ok.It was ok.I guess that is why he is the featured artist.

If you know anything about Victoria you know she goes the extra mile with her outfits and her sets.However this video is toned down in many ways save for that shot where she has body paint on. Her makeup and hair actually make her look really good here. I like that she actually looks like she is really having fun without too much fuss.Shout out to the dancers they are really working it.

I actually like this song,(big up to the producer Reinhard) and the video,this has to be one of my second favourite Victoria songs.Need to get pumped for this weekend,here you go!Oh and Happy Valentines from me to you:)


Yours truly.



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