Do you feel guilty when you sit in a group and everyone talks about how they went to church and the best you have done lately is Joel Osteen at 9AM only to doze off ten minutes later? Let me make it worse Daddy Owen thinks that everyday should be a Jumapili (Sunday).  Panic alert!

In this song Daddy Owen says in a nut shell that Christianity is a lifestyle and not a Sunday affair. He begins the verse, “God is the one who began this good work in you and I am certain he will not stop until it is complete on the day Christ Jesus returns.” Phillipians1:6. This serves as an encouragement as to why we should keep the faith. Throughout the song he talks of how we can practice the faith by preaching the word of God, helping the poor among other kind deeds. Many times we are too busy trying to be religious we forget about being Christians.

The video, my oh my, Daddy Owen gets it right every single time. Remember the Kiriro video, this is even better. It is set in such a beautiful view, think something like Tigoni. Daddy Owen’s wardrobe portrays him like Jesus. Remember the cloak that they have Jesus wearing in all the movies, that one with a bit more colour. Mhando Brian the video director recreates different stories in the bible, Jesus telling stories to the little children, the Good Samaritan and when Jesus Christ called the disciples.

The light composition in the video is so beautiful, you will be impressed. In an interview, an artist once said that the reason why it is hard to shoot a quality video is because you do not get your investment back. Thing is, any kind of business is a risk and the music business is no exception. Mediocre videos will not get you anywhere, it is better to have a fantastic song with no video because quality will attract quality. Read about how Elani got their first video, you will be inspired.

Daddy Owen  is one of the few artists that does quality music that you and your family can listen to. He will disappear for two years, come back and do an amazing song and take the spotlight over and over again. Not many can do that. So go ahead do some good in your life. Donate that money to the bursary you pledged to, reduce the clutter in your wardrobe and give those clothes to those who need them. Spend some Saturdays doing good for other people it changes your perspective towards life. As you decide what to do to make each day a Sunday click below to watch the song.

Stay Safe,


This being a Valentine’s weekend, I wish you nothing but all the love you have dreamed of, Happy Valentines.




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