Mushy Mondays: ‘Helena’ by Third Hand Music

3rd hand music

How was Valentines? Did you get a rose or chocolate? Wine perhaps? Did you go to Kempinski or Java? Some of you were home right? Not to worry Valentines is really overrated, (that is what people with no baes say, *evil laughter* ) If your heart was broken this weekend , pole. The streets  can get very mean. Let us talk about Third Hand Music. They have been perfecting their skill for the last four years and they are awesome. Write music , movies and books for women and you have struck gold. These three young men have decided to woo us with the song Helena.

This song depicts the sad story of loving someone from afar. A young man stalks miss_helena on Instagram , double tapping on every photo. He says that he may not offer as much but he promises to write her a song. This is a very common story line. He is a hopeless romantic in love with a girl who has no idea who he is. The reverse is something almost every girl has gone through. It is pitiful how we picture this person and build a future with them and they have never given you the time of day. If a guy likes a girl they should approach them. If she is dating someone else, then try your luck without being disrespectful to the relationship. If she is engaged  chances are very slim, when she gets married, walk on by and send a congratulatory gift.

The video directed by Young Wallace is set at the houses of the subjects. The young man has his friends over and they see his frustration and make fun of him. He tries tirelessly to write a song for her but he cannot do it, all because he loves her. The girl on the other hand is at her house and after a long day she just wants to chill. At some point I thought she was going to remove her bra without breaking a nail. That scene was so believable even the way we all grab a book just before we start watching the third season of Walking Dead.

Allow me to talk about the colours in the  video. The lead singer who has the darkest complexion is in an orange T-shirt, the lightest of them all  dons white and black and the last guy who’s complexion is more of chocolate is in blue. They all stand out because of wardrobe. It is very easy to spot a production that had a production designer on set. The two houses also show the disparity between a girl’s  and a mans’s house. Thumbs up for that.

The band is obviously very passionate about their craft and at some point they have their eyes closed as they feel the song. It is not uncommon to be very passionate about your craft when you are starting out, the challenge is in maintaining that  momentum long after the money has come and the business threatens to override creativity. We would also like to hear the two other gentlemen in the band, something tells me they will surprise us. Keep doing what you do, you are off to a good start!

Stay Safe,


Click below to watch the video.

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