Nairobi weather is worse than a woman with mood swings.Have you ever stepped out into the blazing sun then suddenly get assailed by sudden showers? Or have you ever come drenched from town only to realise that at home it is bone dry? That is Nairobi for you.

Now the inspiration for the start of this critique was the line ‘Who knew the sun would give way to the rain?’.God knows this year I have been wondering what all this mess has been.Patricia Kihoro is a multi talented soul .You may know her as a radio host, actress and a singer who first made her debut on Tusker Project Fame.I haven’t heard Patricia sing for a while and this song is truly a breath of fresh air for 2016.

The Electrique Djs are a collective of Djs and band members who fuse the African sound with electronic beats.A collaboration made in heaven is what we could call this but then again so are their other works.They have done some popular tracks such as Duog Dala(ft Nina Ogot),Brikicho (ft Fena Gitu).The song is one of encouragement to not give up to not allow this world to beat you down no matter what happens.’Find your beauty in the stars beyond the pain the joy is not too far’.It all sounds very personal almost as if the writer was saying this to themselves and in turn tapped into the human condition.

Experimentation gives birth to genius and this is what this track is without being too extravagant. It has got an afro house vibe to it which means very laid back soothing and feel good music.I especially love what that guitar is doing in that blend.I would play this while driving along the highway on a sunny Sunday afternoon with the breeze blowing through my hair.

If you are looking for something to encourage you through your tough times listen to this.It will help you collect yourself without collapsing into a teary mess like some songs that I know. You will conquer whatever you are going through and you will be stronger.Remember whatever it is,this too shall pass.

Let me end this before I get too preachy:)

If you want to know more about the ElectriqueDjs find them on Soundcloud to see what else they have to offer.

Patricia Kihoro please keep singing

Yours truly





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