Of late Wednesdays have been a bit heavy laden with information and topics of discussion and so today I decided to give it a little break.So with that in mind here is my list of women that I am crushing on musically and otherwise :).



This woman is like fine wine ,getting better with time. Her unmistakable voice takes you through a musical journey that will have you singing along with her way after the song is over. Last year’s release of ‘Bebi‘ reminded me why this woman deserves the title of queen of Afro fusion.



I am all about evolution and so it seems is Nazizi.The woman she is now is evidence that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself. From baggy jeans and t-shirts to dresses and make up to boot she has literally blossomed infront of our eyes. She has also made the transition from being in a group to being a solo artist quite smoothly and if her track ‘Wedding Ring‘ is anything to go by the only way is up.



Sanaipei Tande is for the grown and sexy. Her voice will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and of late she has been hitting notes that had me raising an eyebrow in a good way.She goes quiet then comes back with a suprise hit as is the case with Rastaman that had me believing she must have flown in from Kingston ,Jamaica.Amazing.



From the first time I heard her on Sauti Sol’s ‘Mama Papa’I knew this woman would be a star. Her voice is such a breath of fresh air and you can tell everytime that she sings that she is not holding back.I love that she pushes boundaries and clearly taking a risk with Hello catapulted her higher. I cannot wait to see what other suprises she has for us.



Some people may not know this but this girl has been singing for a very long time.She was part of a hip gospel group known as Chit Chat and as a solo artist was known as Diana Nduba before settling for Mayonde.She has come into her own and has shown us 50 shades of herself from the  playful girl  to the seductress that will have you feeling some typa way.If you are looking for something different listen to this songbird.

6.Mercy Njoki

mercy njoki

Did you hear about the insane challenge to have 52 songs in 52 weeks?No?Well it was known as the MN Project(go to the channel Mercy Njoki on Youtube).Guess what, she hacked it,you will find 52 songs on her Soundcloud account.This woman has such a passion for singing as well as a passion for people.She is beauty and brains all wrapped up into one beautiful package.



She reminds me of the mythical  Phoenix that has risen from the ashes. She has come back into the game with such a fire in her that you cannot help but acknowledge that she is here to stay.Shall we also take a moment to appreciate how her current overall style has transformed her from  a tomboy to a femcee.That’s what I am talking about!


njeri nduta

If you do not know her go and look for her. Her raw energy is quite refreshing. I bet y’all didn’t know she also threw her hat into the ring among the big boys in the #WhoisKing battle with the track No King. Her ability to incorporate Kikuyu into her music is a plus(trust me your mother tongue will never go out of style) and for a rapper she is quite easy on the eye.



I am blown away by what this girl is doing with her talent.She is a product of Sauti Academy and went on to Airtel Trace Stars where she made it as a runner up,and finally broke through winning  the Maisha Superstar musical challenge .I love that she  clearly loves singing (watch her when she is in her zone) and I am so glad she kept pushing until she broke through. Music for her is  her beginning and end.

10.Joyce Omondi

joyce omondi

When I first saw her on my TV screen I thought ‘gosh she’s pretty!’I think though what made us fall in love with her though was her pure love for God .It comes through in her music and I am convinced that she is the remnant in an industry that is slowly becoming riddled with people who are in it for the money and not the ministry.

Here is my list,who do you want to see here?

Let me know in the comment section

Yours truly,




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