Calvo Mistari Opips & Jardel - TAKE IT LOW

Calvo Mistari suprises me. His musical journey has seen him step into the game with the track Mwanaume ni Effort.  We have seen him show his soft side with Loving Wrong ft Patricia Kihoro and with Amileena on Wewe Ndiye. He can also get you dancing as is the case on the track with Khaligraph and UB Iz Vipi.For the year 2016 he brings you Take It Low.

The genius behind the killer beats is Kid Kora(Kidkay) from Red Republik,yes he of the Kansoul.When I first heard this song on the radio I heard the chorus and thought this was not a Kenyan track but to my pleasant suprise when I listened to the rest of the song I knew it was ours:)

Opips hook is the perfect break from Calvo’s quickfire lyrics.He sounds good.Jardel takes the bridge and I literally could not tell that this was a different person singing. I think Opips could have actually still nailed that bridge…mainly it’s hard to tell who is who  because the vocal variation  is hard to spot between the two.

Calvo Mistari’s verses do it for me in this song.There are naughty things that he is saying but you do have to appreciate that this is a club song after all.

The video is a let down.You can tell that on this location  access was only  on the outside of the house which is beautiful but does nothing for this video.I am quite honestly disappointed because Calvo Mistari puts work into all his other videos. I do not know if the budget was the issue because even the girls in the video look like they were not prepared to be in a music video. I have nothinng against t-shirts and jeans and sandals but really for this video ,no. Even for the guys,I think the only wardrobe that was accounted for was Calvo’s. What I will credit the people in the video for was the continous dancing.They really danced …aimlessly though because the set was not motivating at all. The director was Edu Gee and I guess we can say he salvaged the video with his really clean shots. He tried but the video really was all over the place.

I would definitely jam to this but if you want to keep loving this song do not watch the video. You may be disappointed. Calvo,kazi kwako.

Yours truly,



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