Saintly Saturdays: ‘Tulia na Imani’ by Mercy Njoki

mercy njoki tulia

As it is now, I know of two artists who managed to do  a 52 weeks project where they release a song each week for a year; Mercy Njoki  did it last year  and Poppa Don is on that project this year. Mercy Njoki is a very diverse artist, read an article about her here. Mercy assumes different tones depending on the song. She can have some upbeat swag music followed by a worship song. In this song, she talks about being still in God and knowing that he will take care of everything. This brings to mind the song by Deitrick Haddon 

“…stand still and know that he is God

there is no need to fight

Cos the battle is not your’ s

the battle is the Lord’s…”

Shortly after that, Donnie McClurkin joins in with a beautiful verse.

Tulia na Imani has a coastal feel to it and her Swahili is good. The thing about using such a beat is that anyone can listen to this song and you do not have to stick to the Kenyan audience. She talks of how one looks for a job and they cannot find one.  How having a loved one sick in the hospital can get you down or even worse being stuck in debt. I have had the luck (or not) to be in debt , I don’t mean owing my shoe guy some money or my hair dresser. I mean owing people serious money and not knowing where to start.It is at this point where we will scour the internet for information that might help us to get out of it. Before going to the internet listen to this song.

The  video is refreshing to watch. It is a comic book but with human characters. She shows us the journey  of her project dubbed the #MNProject. You will travel with her through the production stage, behind the scenes for music videos, shots of the producers and her friends who were part of the project. She also teases other songs which is better than mentioning every song that you have done.Another reason why this video was genius is to give the audience a sneak peek into what goes into making music. It gives a new perspective.

She did the song with Alice Kimanzi who does the bridge and they blend beautifully. There is something about two mature ladies doing a song  together. You do not have to sit through jumping around , flashy clothes or shots of shoes.

The catch with doing a 52 week project is marketing yourself so that people pay attention for a year. There will be need for more promotion of the videos. When I asked my colleagues about Mercy Njoki’s music most of them know her personally so they obviously know her music. More people need to know about it because it’s easier for someone to follow you through a journey as you go by than to play catch up later. This is the kind of song that you would play in the morning on your way to work or on a relaxed afternoon when chilling or what buses should play as make your way home. Go on and add Mercy Njoki to the list of artists to watch out for in 2016.

Sidebar: As folks in Lang’ata go about their business , I hope and pray that you shall not encounter the wandering 6, Tulia na Imani all will be well.


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