Mushy Mondays: ‘Wedding Ring’ by Nazizi



The horror of being left at the altar is traumatizing. This is why I think every bride should have a shot of tequila before heading out. It might also help with  the walk. Guess who was left  at the altar? Nazizi. In her new single Wedding Ring, she walks happily to the altar only to find that the groom has made a great escape. The reactions of the friends in attendance is priceless. Kudos to the casting director, your actors did well.

Meeting the emotional Nazizi is something you will enjoy in the song. In the beginning, it will sound like an RnB song before transitioning into a Reggae beat , then you remember the Nazizi you knew. Through the lyrics, Nazizi tells the story of  how a woman gives her all to a man only to end up broken hearted. Many relationship coaches will tell you that you should not treat a boyfriend like a husband, till he puts a ring on it. I once heard of a man who dated a lady for four years only to break up with her before he married another lady he had been seeing for six months.

Allow me to digress. When a man does that he endangers the life of the bride to be. In this era of unemployment it is very easy to get a hit man to finish someone off. Acid is available in stores everywhere. Anyway I am sure you are not the vindictive type. Back to the song.

The video was shot in the beautiful coast of Kenya. Good job crew. Beautiful picture, with even better transitions and the  location was superb. There are some similarities to Beyonce’s Best Thing I Never Had and Mariah Carey’s We belong together. In their defense, wedding mornings are more or less the same. It was such a good idea to have Nazizi in a dress, a wedding dress for that matter. Her weight loss is commendable and she  looks like amazing. The make up  was noteworthy. Tip to the brides, please make sure that your make-up artist  likes you. They are the difference between you looking like a princess and a clown.

This song was preceded by billboards across town. I have seen two so far on Waiyaki way and Jogoo Road. This was the typical ‘back with a bang’. Now this bang should last longer than a minute. Keeping people’s attention after money is spent on the billboards is the new task following this song. The bar here is also set very high and you cannot go any lower. This is to simply say that the ‘First Lady’ cannot afford a hiatus. You hit the ground running, you keep running.

Lastly, remember  the season when every artist did a wedding song and they were part of the all wedding playlists? This song will do the same. However, that will be in laid back weddings with young couples. Go ahead click below to listen to the song.

Stay Safe,



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