miss kemunto

I am probably really late to discovering how awesome Soundcloud is :)..but if you are still compiling a playlist on Youtube I would suggest that you instead try Soundcloud and come up with a collection simply by liking the song and just like that the song is in your playlist.

In my search for great music I stumbled upon an artist known as Miss Kemunto.I fell in love with the song Chizi(sheng term meaning crazy) which is basically about a girl who is crazy  about a certain guy and just simply wants his attention . I have been there, done that and worn the t-shirt.

The song is pretty simple and I love how the lyrics give us an insight into the singer’s thought. I love the line ‘I know I got what you want, nasiringi‘.Girl,yes,get it!*cue in attitude,hehe*.The chorus is simple and  very catchy ,anyone can sing along to it.Miss Kemunto’s voice is such a pleasant soothing suprise for the ears.

I love the fact that this beautiful song was not junked up by computerized sounds.I can hear the guitar and I think the xylophone.Beautiful BGVs.It’s almost as if this song was being performed to only you. I love the guitar shout out to Joe Mutoria.You really did this song justice.Good use of sampling in the bridge of the song.

There is no video to the song yet and for once I think that it should remain that way.Unclattered, simple, fresh light and clean. That is the feeling that I get from this song.Good job Miss Kemunto,can we get an interview:)

Yours truly,



NB:To listen press play in the top left corner:)


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