Wildcard Wednesday : Let us make parodies

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We talked about covers here ,so today we decipher parodies. A parody is a literary or musical work in which the style of an author or work is closely imitated for comic effect or in ridicule (Merriam-Webster dictionary). Kajairo is one artist who did parodies that got us hooked. Do you remember his parody of Napesi by Makoma and he sang something like this,

Ni mwizi jo ameaiba longi (A thief has stolen my pants)

Suruari tatu na masokiso ( Three pairs of underwear and some socks)

Ngotha za Gikomba we mwizi we (Underwear from Gikomba…oh thief why!)

Ungezisaree handaa…Saree handaa (You should have spared my underwear …spared my underwear)

For the cerelac babies, Makoma was an award winning, R&B , pop christian group from DRC that were great part of our childhood. Kajairo did parodies for so many songs. Today HapaKule news and The Real Housewives of Kawangware do the parodies and admittedly they are hilarious. So are parodies important and do we really need them ?

Yes and yes. Parodies serve various purposes. One the satirical advantage allow for us to have a laugh about things we would not ordinarily care for. Back then we did not have twitter so we could not air our views without a care in the world so all we did was sing along to Kajairo as we silently curse the government. Secondly, it just to allow us to goof around.

Now there are those who were just joking.The people who did parodies of Westlife in high school during church, what in the world were we trying to achieve? For a moment I thought Westlife’s My Love was them turning to the Lord. There was a group that sang that song every Sunday preceding it with an introduction of how the “empty streets” lyric in the song are our hearts without the Lord. Lord Have Mercy!

So how do we do parodies?

Pick a popular song or a totally unknown one. Here is the thing,  a parody of Hello is likely to be watched by a good number of people. A parody of an unknown song will be confused for the original and that is fame you could use for a while before the figure it out.

Know the boundaries. Do not for the love of muffins pick a religious song or else thy body parts shall be plastered on a highway. Do not directly mention the political hotshots , you will disappear and trending on Twitter will not save you. Tease a little , run when the fire gets too hot.

Be creative. A parody cannot be boring.Therefore if your mother is the only who thinks you are funny, avoid the parody highway and run in the opposite direction.

Perform. Just as we said in the covers article , think of any kind of art is a performance so give it your best shot. You never know who is going to watch it , might be Churchill or Trevor Noah.

Familiar scenarios. When you are writing the lyrics pick a situation that most of the audience can relate to. If I can relate to your song I will sing along to it.

Parody making is big in the west and it leads to careers in the entertainment industry. Something else you do not need a good voice just a talking one. Go online and watch various parodies but now let us remember Kajairo by clicking below.

Stay Safe,


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