Usually, I’m an honest guy and I’ll have to be honest. There are people who have latent talent but you never really see them coming through and doing much with it. From primary school to university I’ve shared classes with talented individuals who I’d put my money on to go on and be the next big thing but they always find a way of crushing my dream.

Unfortunately for me, Yung Noiz isn’t one of those people. One, he’s short so he has a lot of catching up to do and he’s Kenya’s very own Doug E. Fresh. This guy’s beatboxing abilities can put your Dj to shame. I knew he did rap music but I never really paid attention to that because I could see he was talented in another music related field. When I got the content and saw Krav Maga by Yung Nnoiz, I was more than happy to cover it because I didn’t know whether he beatboxed his own beats or how good his flow was.

I’m still not disappointed. The beat has a southern flow and not South Nyanza, the South side of USA. What I definitely knew was that it was going to be a gospel track. He has that Juliani flow where he’s not really the Mase kind of artist that makes the beat sound cool but he makes you listen to the lyrics with the beat as the base for your symphony.

If you listened to hip hop before trap music, you definitely will like this track. He has that old school flow and uses rhyme schemes and punchlines which is very common old school rappers. I would have liked to hear a heavier bass beat on the track from the high pitched hook to the way he lowers his voice when hitting some notes.

The chorus is simple and easy to remember but needed a bit more vocal variations in my opinion. Based on the title of the song, you can deduce what you want but the artist knows best what he wanted to communicate. Krav Maga  is technically a form of self-defense and physical training, developed by the Israeli army in the 1940s based on the use of reflexive responses to threatening situations.

You may take that the artist means his religion is his Krav Maga when it comes to dealing with situations or his belief has empowered his Krav Maga. At the end of the day the message is simple, he is comfortable in his belief and isn’t ashamed to stand up and defend it. Gospel music has been on the rise in the recent past and the pool of talent is immense.

As a music fan, I listen to music based on the lyrics and production and I want to listen to more music from Yung before I can say he’s a wack artist or a top artist. What I’d also like is to have him do a purely vocal track. Beatbox on his rhymes. The talent certainly was stunted like his height and big up to you for doing what you love driven by what you believe Yung.

They make it, I rate it.



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