Saintly Saturdays: ‘Tembea Nami’ by Joy Ambale

Joy Ambale

This week I have been stalking a certain celebrity couple who have in the past caused an uproar with their decision to remain celibate till they get married. I usually look for good marriage  stories for hope that the institution works while still remaining open to the fact that there are many that are falling apart. One thing that has stood out for me in all their interviews  is how important it is to communicate and say exactly what you mean without fear. This saves the marriage many fights that shields it from resentment and allowing for couples to actually enjoy their union. Let me stop before I turn into a marriage counsellor.

In relationships whether married or not, we are usually quick to run to friends and family to becry our partner’s faults hoping to find solace and some company at our pity party. What people do not understand is , your people love you and their only connection to your partner is you , so when you are hurt they hate the person who hurt you. When you get back together with them they are left at crossroads wondering whether to love you or  your companion. Ever heard the quote that , ‘Have you talked to God about your problems as much as you have talked to people?’ Never thought about it right?

Well that is the story line for the song Tembea Nami (walk with me) by Joy Ambale who is Mercy Myra’s doppelganger. Her song is a plea to God that she does not give up when the going gets bumpy. J Blessing complements the story with the story of two people who cared for each other and after suffering enough torment they all go back to the source (God) and they cry to Him and somehow they all end up in the church together and they make up. We all love a good love story hence why this video is a favourite for many.

In terms of the technical, the shots and different colours are well put together and you will watch it to the end. The actors did so well in the video and they are believable. Having Joy in every scene but in the foreground as the story plays out in the background is a clever way of maintaining the balance between the artist and the story line. The locations again are places we have been or we see everyday which resonates with everyone. It was a relief to not see flashy cars or dodgy shots but something simple , clear and to the point.

Is the song worth listening to ? Yes . The video is even better. If you have not watched it yet , the link will be available below. It also nice to remember that J Blessing does not disappoint. Remember God is the only one who can REALLY sort you out and sometimes you just need to let him Tembea na  wewe (walk with you). Go ahead and talk to Him and then listen to what he says. Have a good weekend.

Stay Safe,


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