Mushy Mondays: ‘Wewe Ndiye’ by Amileena &Calvo Mistari

Wewe Ndiye

In my life I have attended one wedding as a guest where you get your hair done and show up. The rest have been a job for me , either as a photographer or an usher. The thing is weddings can get very redundant and it takes good organizers to make it different. The song ‘ Wewe Ndiye’ (You are the one)  by Amileena and Calvo Mistari ( are they still a couple? ) tells the story of a wedding. An actual wedding.

Amileena, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated artists. She has the voice , proved herself at the Tusker Project Fame competition. She brings her A-game in this song vocally and in her songwriting as well. Calvo’s verse was laid back in the song which is a break away from his usual hype self. He did not match Amileena’s energy and it was a drag. One could listen to this song without his verse.

The video is an engagement shoot that transitions into a wedding. First of all, amazing concept. Secondly, it acted like a behind the scenes video mashed up with footage from the wedding. This is a creative way of watching the video and make it fun. Plus the couple will have a reminder of their beautiful day.The wedding was a splendid affair from the snippets that they shared in the video. The chemistry between Amileena and Calvo is undeniable, she is literally glowing. The idea however is not to get carried away. You know ladies cannot hide when they are in love but guys act all chilled out. This is where the imbalance of the energy in the video comes in.This is a good song to play on a lazy weekend with your loved one.  It is also a good wedding song.

Amileena needs to do a single very soon. She needs to get a song where she will explode and do something else that is not a love song. Avril’s career took another turn with ‘Chokoza‘ and finally people took notice. Amileena is already feisty she just needs to channel it. Go ham without losing yourself.  Another example is Sauti Sol , their fans loved their first album then after ‘Nishike‘ they wanted more of them. That is the same concept here , do not be predictable. When people hear the name Amileena let them see diversity, that is the only way to maintain consistency in this industry.

Side Bar: The month of love is over and the pressure is off (Thank God!). I hope you did your best this month and are looking forward to the month of March. This is also the first quarter of the year and the second one for TheBAR. As we achieve this milestone , we say ASANTE.

Click below to watch the video;


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