Ladies and gentlemen let me take this opportunity to enlighten you on the disease that every writer dreads but is faced with at one or more points in their lifetime…the dreaded deadly Writers Block. During this time you are assailed by blankness , stress and generally a lot of foggy nothingness in your head.

That being said I was rescued from slipping into that dark place when I remembered that Elani had a song with the renowned Ugandan crooner Chameleone.The title may jog memories of Tiwa Savage’s My Darling. Trust me it is only the titles that are similar. Anyway, let’s come back to East Africa. This song is a beautiful way for Elani  to come back  especially after the MCSK saga.

The song starts off with that husky voice by Chameleone that we have all grown to love. In comes Elani with their harmonies. The song format is structured in such a way that it is like  a call and response. The song speaks of a love that is currently in a rough patch for the guy questioning why this girl lied to him,destroying their love. The girl says that no matter what happened between them she still loves him but she is not going to go with him to Uganda. Interesting subject choice. Would you move countries just to be with your lover?

The song is well written with a mixture of English ,Kiswahili and Luganda. It all meshes so well and that Luganda just rolls off Chameleone’s song such that you want to learn the language yourself.Elani managed to sing quite well in Luganda but I wouldn’t know any better…(any Ugandans who can comment on this?)The song this time is structured in such a different way than we are used to. The song is very dynamic. Call -response, chorus, bridge,  harmonies ,  ad-libs and of course beautiful instrumentation. I think that Wambui really stood out in this song. Chweya was rather subdued but if you are a true fan you can pick up his voice.

I think this song reminds us why we love Elani so much. They are always suprising us with something new fresh and away from the norm. Hooking up with Chameleone on this track was genius and I think that for both parties this will get them rave reviews from Kenya and Uganda.

The video is not out yet but I am sure it will be worth the wait. This is definitely a hit.BUY the song now for only 30/= by dialing *808*80# on any mobile phone in Kenya.(find more info. on the description below the Youtube video to this song).


Yours truly,


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