juu ya doh

I get the feeling that hip hop in Kenya is taking a new shift and it’s not an unwelcome one. Every time I’m reviewing tracks to cover on this section I get overwhelmed by both the mediocrity and talent we have at our disposal. We can’t clearly state what hip hop is because even Young Thug’s music is considered hip hop.

What we can’t deny is the fact that Pacho Studios has been at the forefront of churning out club bangers in the past year. They haven’t disappointed with Juu ya Doh by Vanso Da Gama and Naiboi. The unique beats and production is what makes the artists signed to this stable very interesting. The beats are very catchy and almost every artist has perfected the art of flowing.

I’m not a big fan of most club bangers because of the content but then again, I sang along to Lifestyle by Young Thug and Fight Night by Migos so my argument is irrelevant. Vanso has confidence on the mic and that creates a nice aura around his track. He is all over the track and makes you listen not because he’s saying anything worthwhile but simply because he says it so well.

The hook is similar to every other Pacho track, simple and easy to remember. That is a craft most artists are yet to grasp when it comes to making club bangers. People want music they can shout out without being off-key or sounding like they are recording for Future. ‘Unabonga juu ya doh!’ I don’t know why it’s hooked me but it sounds good.

Naiboi is the Diddy of Kenya. Steps on his artists tracks and spits some average bars just to make the song more appealing to the audiences that are already exposed to his music. On this track, he goes all out to talk about the money he has at his disposal and for a moment I wanted to ask Sakina to ask him to pay for this because I need the money, especially the Euros.

What I am yet to like about Pacho tracks is the videos. The videos all have the same idea and general direction which makes it feel like a sitcom. Fun to watch but can you please change the setting? The title of the track should have been enough direction for them to choose an affluent location and use a credible director to do the work for them. Anybody can edit but not everyone can direct.

If I hear the track in a club, I’ll definitely sing along to it and throw a few stacks in the bill glass because what is money? Am  I not in Nairobi? The city of hustlers. It won’t be on replay simply because all Pacho tracks sound the same but it’s an interesting jam altogether.

They make it, I rate it.



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