East Africa when did we start being obsessed with pool parties?Was there a notice put up somewhere? Was it circulated in a Whatsapp group? Is it an open secret that everyone is in on except for me? For the year 2016 it was Zigo first then now we have Letigo with a pool party theme.Who shall be next,Uganda maybe? Interesting thing is that you rarely see anyone actually swimming just standing in the shallow end of the pool and draping oneself over the side of the pool.Anyway I digress.

Do you remember Kleptomaniacs? Do you recall Tuendelee those lyrics and that killer video (in my opinion).Now do you remember the guy with a t-shirt on his head literally killing it with his verse and bravado? Well that young man was Nyashinski and he is back again with Nameless for this track. Let me just say the Nyashinski you knew is no more. He is chubby, haspierced both his ears and dons  baby dreads.  At the beginning of the video according to an onlooker he looks like ‘an old Kikuyu businessman’.

Nyashinski here is singing.Yup you heard me…and he does not sound bad at all actually.It’s just unexpected.Nameless on this track is in his element but he graciously allows Nyashinski to shine. The lyrics basically talk about life being up and down high and low and still enjoying yourself.

The track suprised me in that it had a coastal beat to it .Mwanabuja (Rkay) seems to have found a new beat that will now feature in his collection as he has an almost similar beat in the song Wanajishuku.

The video is nothing special . Having Eric Omondi in your video I guess always works for comic relief and this was no different. The location is the African Heritage House in Mlolongo and I must say that I am impressed with the location. If that pool is there I am going there soon.

I felt like there were too many people in this video. Then wardrobe and makeup,all these girls had their own weird looks that was very distracting to the eye,hairstyles that could fill a salon’s wall and basically it was too much. Less is always more.

Enos Olik I am yet to see anything creative from you since Nishike. This video lacked creativity and even though there was a somewhat loose storyline it still did little to redeem the video.

Interesting comeback for Nyashinski but only time will tell how he will be received back after such a long hiatus. The song is fine I guess but you would not find it in my playlist.

Your thoughts?

Yours truly



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