The best gospel songs are simple, easy to sing along and have a message that the audiences can relate to. A song that praises God, gives him all the adoration or acknowledges who he is as God takes the cup every single time. Grace Ekirapa, unique name, has done a song by the name Sifa.

Sifa means Praise in the Swahili language. In this song she talks of how she will sing for joy for the Lord proclaiming God’s freedom and asks that God uses her as a vessel. Let me let in you in  on a little secret, before you ask God to use you as a vessel ask that He gives you the strength to overcome any challenges. David, Noah, Joseph and many more were used by God as vessels to tell of God’s goodness. God will allow you to fall in the mud, stink as hell then come out as a precious treasure. I bumped into a quote this week;

Joseph waited 13 years

Abraham waited 25 years

Moses waited 40 years

Jesus waited 30 years

If God is making you wait you are in good company.

The point is the first three lived to be the heroes they are today. We use their stories to encourage ourselves and know that we are going to be just fine. Jesus then came and made all the difference by allowing us into the era of Grace. What most people do not do is remember to is share what God has done for them.

Instead we choose to take the credit ourselves and there in comes the element of pride and that is when it all comes crumbling down. This song then encourages all of us to tell the world what God has done for us. To be honest if we spent more time telling people what God has done for us as opposed to condemning Christians we would have more Christians who actually enjoyed practicing their faith.

The video is split into two; the dancers’ scenes and Grace herself walking in different locations. Two artists who have made walking in a video look good are Damita in No Turning Back and Adele in Pavement. The thing is you cannot go wrong with walking. Seeing her in different locations might mean that she is walking around the world to spread the gospel then the dance scenes are a break to avoid monotony. Otherwise the story line will be lost. The flick by J Blessing did not disappoint in terms of quality and the audio was even better.

If you have not heard of the song it is definitely worth your time. The fact that she can sing will do it for you and she is pretty and judging by the comments she will be just fine. One thing she should build on is songwriting, add more flesh and then make it relatable to everyday folk. A collaboration could help as well so that we see her variety and it will help put her on the map as well. Key lesson today do not forget who actually makes it happen, be grateful and tell the world what he has done for you. If David danced till his clothes tore into pieces, gratitude and words of kindness should not be so hard.

Click below to watch the video.


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