Mushy Mondays: ‘Wafula’ by Alaine feat Churchill


So guess who is back to singing again, Churchill. The last time I saw him in a video was when he was doing  Mwikhulu by Rufftone. It is good to reminisce the old days. Of course now he looks polished and life seems to be better.This time he is on a hunt for one Wafula and guess who his partner in crime is , Alaine. It is now official that Alaine is Kenyan.She has been to this country so many times and one thing that continues to stand out is her humility and good aura.She is the perfect definition of a bundle of joy.

This song started out as a joke during an interview with Churchill and there and then they wrote the song. Actually, that crowd should ask for royalties for that song. In this song Alaine is looking for  a Wafula who she can call her own. Wafula is a name from the Abaluhya community in Kenya. The biggest shock was to hear Churchill rap, talk about reinvention. The whole song is just them trying to find him and she does.

The video was shot in Kakamega. It’s amazing how someone from Jamaica has been there and some of us do not know how to make their way. The video makes the place look amazing. It starts off at the shopping center that we all have at our rural homes. Alaine is a tourist and they have Churchill as their guide.Churchill is dropped off by a bodaboda rider who catches the eye of Alaine. After the rider leaves, Churchill is left to look for him  because Alaine needs her lover.

Good song title , it is short , funny and catchy. It is a fun song like Gangnam style or Nae Nae. I am sure tourists will be dancing to this song very soon. Following them as they searched for Wafula is such a good script and they even showed some bull fighting. Shout out to all my brothers and sisters in Kakamega. Then the fact that they finally meet at the river side reminds me of our African roots before Facebook and Instagram.

Alaine is assured of two things , Jamaica might be her home but if they ever throw her out , she can always move to Kakamega. This is a clever way to win audiences and from the 100K views , she clearly has done something right. Churchill is also building on his audience. People this is what we call strategic thinking. Go ahead and dance to Wafula by clicking below.



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