AFRO TUESDAYS: ‘SIRO’ BY The Creative Band Kenya


Afro hypenate artists have been giving me a hard time.Yo, where can I find your music?You have me spending sleepless nights here wondering what to do.Anyway have no fear today I introduce to you a group CBK- the Creative Band Kenya. They are a group of six young men who do Benga music with a contemporary feel. They are really popular in Kisumu City and they plan to make Kisumu their permanent base of operation. Smart move boys. Nairobi is already crowded.

Anyway on to the music,the boys released their first video to the single Siro ( the Luo pronounciation of the name Shiro). Let’s talk about the song first shall we?Well basically the song is a clever way of introducing us all to the beauty of Kisumu city while asking the Kikuyu girl to come and settle with her Luo lover in Kisumu. The song talks about Kisumu International Airport, Kondele Market and Hotel Lwang’ni where you can eat fish straight from Lake Victoria.

The song then touches lightly on the love he has for Siro with the main focus being wooing her with the beauty of  Kisumu. If you ask me this is the true Luo way- brag about what you have ,where you are from so I don’t know should I say thank you for representing? I love how the song sounds with the instruments drums, guitar nothing too complex.It is a very easy laid back tune and whatever your vocal range you can sing along. At the beginning you can hear a female BGV nice way to open.You can hear her in the chorus and then she has a chance to shine in the bridge. She sounds good.

Now about the video. I wish it did not start the way it did because in my opinion it does not help the story. I mean, from what I get of the song this is not a girl from the village so they had no need to introduce us to her in such a setting next to the river.I like the progression of the rest of the video , Kisumu does look beautiful. However wardrobe needed work,the girl Shiro/Siro looks rather lacklustre. Then there is one of the boys in the band who has some rather extreme facial expressions,keep it to the minimum,it’s rather distracting though in a funny way.

Good job with the directing and overall look of the video at least the couple looked legit like a real one. I saw how the guy played the show off scratching his face with the car keys and paying for the omena while showing off his two huge smart phones. I don’t know if that was for comic relief.Maybe others will find it funny.

For a first video they did a good job. About the song it was meant to also bring two tribes that have always differed (Luo and Kikuyu)together.Thank you boys for the brave move.I do not know however if it worked. The song might be nice to listen to as you eat in a restaurant somewhere but I can’t see this in my playlist. My thoughts.

What say you?

Yours truly,


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