In high school one weekend I never looked forward to was Weekend Challenge. It was probably one of the most boring weekends because even though girls would come over, they would be policed all over the place. Do you know how hard it is for teenage boys to be in the company of girls but the most they can do is get saved just so that they can hold a girl’s hand on stage? I won’t mention names here.

The worst bit was missing entertainment. This was unforgivable. The only day I could see boobs that weren’t the cook’s was practically wiped away thanks to Weekend Challenges. However, this event introduced me to Juliani’s music. When he came over, he barely had a track on radio and was shade of his expensive taste. I barely knew him though some people who went to primary school with him kept on mentioning how good he was.

I never paid attention until he got on stage. He freestyled off the dome. That is one of the most difficult techniques for any rapper to grasp. He went in and I was drawn into his music. I listened to him that day and a few years later he was hooking up with Brenda Wairimu. How talent can change a man’s life.

His music always has a different feel to it. He uses a lot of wordplay and simplistic rhyme schemes to drive his point home. I Do it is no different. He has mastered the art of using his life to make music. His style also makes him one of the most unique mainstream artists. He has a background in Ukoo Flani and you can easily tell from his storytelling abilities in his music.

He makes mince meat of beats other artists would struggle to work creatively under. I can’t brand his music as gospel music. Juliani makes social music. He makes music that most people who grew up without much can relate to. It’s music that can be played in multiple settings without necessarily stirring up any tension.

The video is very simple and takes you on a journey of the life of an ordinary Kenyan. He makes music interesting. It’s not about how much you can sing along to the lyrics but how much of the lyrics you can relate to and how it affects you. He uses a lot of paradox and metaphors in his lyrics which makes it interesting to listen to him and wonder what is this guy going to say next?

I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest Juliani fan but I certainly do enjoy his music. In the recent past he’s churned out less music but every time he’s released something, it’s been worth the wait. If I was to listen to this again, I’d do it.

They make it, I rate it.



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