Hello world, I introduce you to Dufla Diligon a boy from Samburu who has chosen to make dancehall his genre. Interesting is what this young man is. Humble beginnings are composing songs- 16 songs for your cow ( that’s a  full album) to now singing songs for people to dance to in clubs. He is signed under Grandpa Records and this song is a remix featuring the Ugandan dancehall queen Cindy Sanyu.

Tempo is one of those tracks that just unconsciously gets you dancing. It is reminiscent of old school dancehall with a few twists here and there. The chorus is very simple and you will definitely be screaming the lyrics aloud as you bump and grind to the infectious beat. Dufla and Cindy are very in sync and I think they should definitely collaborate on future projects together.

On to the production of the song Grandpa seems to be gunning for the top spot in producing club bangers. Their close contender is Pacho Records. My biggest issue with these two stables is that their music does not sound original. For instance with this track the beats remind me somewhat of Nyongwa…the pitch for Nyongwa is higher but if you listen closely you can hear the similarity.

The video. Who dressed Dufla? He looks EXACTLY like Patoranking in the Daniella Whine video. Young Wallace though I have to give you props your videos look really good especially this one. Really good direction I can see some thought was put into it.I especially love the peep hole effect with Cindy and I rather think the snow scene adds aesthetic value.( but I am also reminded of this video )

To cut a long story short I think you will enjoy this for the weekend. The TEMPO is just right for anyone to dance along to.(See what I did there?)

Yours truly,



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