Saintly Saturdays:’Yelele’ by Camp David feat Kris Eeh Baba

Camp David

The digital space has spoiled everything. You know the way we hung on to our seats to watch The Beat to catch the latest song or dance move?Now  we go online. We control  our own consumption online and it is very easy to miss out on artists who do not make as much noise. I also have not been to church in a while so I do not know the latest song. That being said , I had no idea who Camp David were before this post. Camp David you have a very good name. One one hand I could be living under my smart phone which leaves me clueless or you have not made it your mission to make sure that everybody knows who you are.

Camp David have done a song with Kris Eeh Baba who for a second I could not recognize, the power of money is undeniable. The what seemed to be a Tanzanian accent threw me off. This is a Kenyan band, do not feel the need to tease another genre because it shows.The first verse is basically acknowledging God for what he has done and how far he has brought us before they hit the hook again. One lyric that stands out in

…Tumsifu zaidi kwa yale atatenda..(Let us praise him the more for what he is about to do…

That is a powerful message that we should all embrace, give thanks for what you have and what you are about to have. Steve Harvey described this as the reason behind his success today.  Kris comes in second in the song saying how God has been with him since the beginning then the rest does not make sense.

…Mimi nikidunda wewe unanisunda…

I asked a colleague what ‘sunda ‘ means and he said that it could mean hiding or getting a beating. We are also not sure what dunda in this context means, is it falling into sin or going for a rave. Dear artists you cannot make your listener think about a song for too long because they will move on to Mercy Masika whose lyrics are as simple as can be. As the song continues you want the third gentleman in the band to rap for longer because it is easy to understand him as he does it with a Jamaican accent. Given that this trend is very common we are familiar with the pronunciations.

The video seemed like fun for the gentlemen. The dancers did a very good job. Shout to to all the girls in all white outfits and denim with Maasai accessories. There were extras in the video who looked clueless and they seemed to be an inch away from the camera. Did they know what was going on? They looked perturbed to say the least looking sideways. They must have been wondering what these young people were doing.  A good move would be to use your contact person to help them engage in what you are doing. The young man donning Maasai attire did well though.

A month later the song has slightly over 4,000 views. There is a spark missing in the song. It feels like every other song that a young band would do. It also does not help that they were jumping around and at some point the camera moved too fast for me, age is catching up. When singing your verse, relax then talk to us. We will hear you, otherwise you did the song for yourself. Close ups would have worked better to break the monotony of the wide shots so that we feel like part of the party.

Lastly while there is nothing new under the sun, Diamond’s dancing style is all over the song. Surely if Redsan could invent shoulder back why not you? Pick a move , alter a few steps then give it a name and we will try to practise it. Usually gospel songs excite me this one has not. It feels clumsy and cluttered. Click below to watch the video and share your thoughts in the comment section. Before I forget Camp David please have a photo with the three of you and then let us know what your names are. Better yet do an introductory insta video. Thank you. 🙂

Stay Safe,





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