Mushy Mondays: Bonbon by Amani featuring Washington



Amani has a new song with a man by the name Washington. An official at Washington DC  must be thinking, here goes another African naming themselves after George Washington, but they also took Kenya (Kenya Moore) , Marsai (Marsai Martin from Black~ish) but who is counting. We have previously reviewed Amani’s song and to be honest every time I see her name in the content calendar , yes we have one, I worry. Amani dominated the 2000s and the wave of change keeps leaving her behind. Is this song better? No. It has a lingala twist to it, I guess we are ‘don wit naija’ so we have made our way to Congo. Note to all the Congo artists we are aggressive and we do not take no for an answer. We are going to come for collaborations and add French dictionaries to our library.

Washington is the hype master in the song. He makes so much noise that I think of DnG during the Chaguo La Teeniez. If you like calming music that actually soothes you then this is not for you. There is a bit of French and a colleague whose first language is French said that  mastery is off. Mainly  she is saying that she offers sweet love and you will feel good in return. Sex will be the context for so many songs that are yet to be made and that is why we need to get creative with it. The French helps a lot , otherwise the song would be very stale.

The video? You guessed right. Four girls, Amani in the middle all in short very cute dresses doing routines shaking their derriere.Predictability is the beginning of the death of a career. At this point we can almost tell what she is going to with a song.   It was good to see Amani in Maasai outfits .

One thing I have come to learn in my short life is the importance of strategy. Why do you wake in the morning? Why wear white and not blue? Why a weave and not braids? What does this collaboration mean for me and my career? What does this video concept sell about my brand? If you can answer this questions before embarking on a project then the rest will flow seamlessly. There is no motivation to watch this video save for the sexiness. Unfortunately this song will not pull the numbers as expected. The same colleague also asked whether this was leading up to the just held Koroga Festival? I rest my case. Click on the link below to watch the video.


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